West Block

West Block

Did You Know?

Year Built: 1859-65, 1874-78 and 1906-09
Approximate Size: 17,353 m2
Current Occupant: Vacant (under rehabilitation)
Future Occupant: House of Commons

The West Block is one of the three Parliament Hill buildings that are part of a national historic site, along with the East Block and Centre Block. The building is in critical need of rehabilitation due to the extent of its deterioration. Its rehabilitation is an important step in the Long Term Vision and Plan (LTVP) for the Parliamentary Precinct, and it is one of the major projects being carried out on Parliament Hill.

The rehabilitation of the West Block will provide the required space so that the Centre Block can be emptied and rehabilitated in the coming years. The LTVP addresses the accommodation needs of Parliament, which have evolved considerably since the buildings were constructed. The LTVP also involves managing a number of interdependent and concurrent projects.

Before it was vacated in January 2011, the West Block served several core parliamentary functions. It housed offices for the prime minister, ministers, members of Parliament and employees; committee rooms; and an important ceremonial feature—the Confederation Room.

Once the rehabilitation is completed in 2017, the West Block will house the interim House of Commons chamber, parliamentary offices, committee rooms and support space.