Rehabilitating the West Block

Rehabilitation of the West Block

Project Details

Scope: Complete rehabilitation of the building and the construction of a permanent courtyard infill

Project: Construction started in January 2011 and is estimated to be completed in 2017.

Approved project budget: $863 million in capital investment. 1

Design Contract: Awarded in 1995 to the ARCOP/Fournier Gersovitz Moss Architects in Joint Venture.

Construction Management Services Contract: Awarded in 2011 to PCL Constructors Canada Inc., of Ottawa, Ontario. Contract number: EP758-113490

Estimated Job Opportunities: The overall project is estimated to generate or sustain approximately 5000 private-sector jobs.


Architecture and Design

Visitor Welcome Centre

At a glance

In order to ensure the preservation of this national heritage building, extensive exterior conservation and interior renovations are required.

The West Block was emptied in January 2011, and, as a result, some of the core parliamentary functions that were housed in the West Block have been temporarily moved to other buildings, while others have been permanently relocated off-site.

The West Block project, undoubtedly the most complex endeavor to date, is advancing as planned, is tracking on time to be completed in 2017, and on budget. Demolition and abatement are substantially complete, and exterior masonry rehabilitation is well underway.

Completed work

  • Southeast Tower
  • North Towers
  • Demolition and abatement are substantially complete, including the removal of existing mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Masonry and roof rehabilitation in the Courtyard and North Court areas are complete.

Current work

The following will enable the West Block and its adjacent Visitor Welcome Centre to be completed in 2017.

Exterior work currently focuses on:

  • Rehabilitating the east and south facing exterior masonry walls and roofs;
  • Rehabilitating the masonry of the Mackenzie Tower;
  • Rehabilitation of the Laurier Tower;
  • Replacing windows;
  • Rehabilitating and re-installing the decorative ironwork, as roofs are completed; and
  • Excavation activities in the Courtyard and North Court area.

Interior work currently focuses on:

  • Rehabilitating the interior masonry, as well as, other significant structural and seismic upgrades; and
  • Replacing the mechanical, electrical and life safety systems.

Rehabilitation of the West Block - Image 2 Rehabilitation of the West Block - image 3

Visitor Welcome Centre construction


Footnote 1

The overall budget is not limited to the construction work. The budget also includes various components such as planning, professional and consultant fees, architectural design fees, demolition work, abatement of hazardous materials, seismic upgrading, restoration of exterior masonry and roof, replacement of mechanical, Information Technology (IT) and electrical systems, security, fit-up of interior spaces, furniture, IT equipment, risk, escalation and contingencies.

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