Parliament Hill

Digging deep into Parliament Hill's past

Archaeological discoveries were made as part of a major project to preserve and rehabilitate Canada's parliamentary buildings and grounds.

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Memorial Chamber Altars

To mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the altars have been replaced.

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Altars in the Memorial Chamber

Have you ever heard of the flag master?

Meet Robert Labonté who talks about his particular job

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This image represents The Flag master, Robert Labonté.

The West Block

The West Block is being rehabilitated. Check out the new designs!

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This image represents The Government Conference Centre.

The Sir John A. Macdonald Building

Have a look at the designs of the Sir John A. Macdonald Building.

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The Sir John A. Macdonald Building

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The Parliamentary Precinct
Home of the Parliament of Canada

A major undertaking is underway to preserve Canada's parliamentary buildings and grounds. Time and nature have taken their toll and the buildings, some of which predate Confederation, are suffering from deterioration.

As the custodian of the Parliamentary Precinct, which includes Parliament Hill and the facing street, the mandate of Public Works and Government Services includes ensuring that this iconic corner of Canada is preserved for all Canadians.

To follow the rehabilitation of the century-old site, and to get a sense of the day-to-day operations that keep the democratic heart of Canada ticking, you are welcome to explore our website.