Green Procurement Tool Kit

This tool kit provides federal departments and agencies with access to resources to support them in meeting their obligations under the Policy on Green Procurement. Key tools and guidelines are described below and can also be quickly referenced from the right-hand sidebar.

1. Context

Key Environmental Issues and Green Procurement: Find out about specific environmental issues and how green procurement can be applied to reduce the environmental impact(s) of the goods and services purchased.

2. General Green Procurement Tools

Life Cycle Considerations: Learn how environmental performance considerations can be integrated into all phases of the life cycle management of goods and services.

Developing Green Procurement Specifications: View options for procurement actions to mitigate environmental impacts of goods and services. Links for further resources are also provided.

Green Procurement Checklist: Obtain a list of questions to pose to clients and suppliers to guide development of environmental criteria or verify that commonly applicable considerations have been considered.

Environmental Certification Programs: Learn about environmental certification programs, also known as eco-labels. Certification, or the criteria used by certification programs, may be included in solicitation and contract documents.

Environmental Terminology: Obtain background information on environmental claims made by suppliers for goods and services.

Guideline for Greening Services Procurement: Find guidance on the key considerations to address when establishing green contracts for services. Recommendations for environmental criteria to include for various services are also included.

Guideline - Integrating Environmental Considerations into Departmental Procurement Management Frameworks: Understand how to integrate environmental considerations in your departmental management systems. This document includes a detailed checklist to identify management frameworks and procurement processes that are candidates for greening.

3. Buy and Sell Green in the Government of Canada

Find help, tools and tips to learn how the Government of Canada integrates environmental considerations into the procurement decision-making process on

4. Summary of Links

There are numerous guides, tools, resources, programs, policies and legislation available related to green procurement in the summary of links.

5. Tools for Federal Government Employees
(Accessible to Federal Government employees only)

Additional tools are available through the Green Procurement GCPEDIA page.