Attestation form for company security officers or alternate company security officers

Company security officers (CSO) or alternate company security officers (ACSO) complete this form to access the status of security screenings of an employee working for another organization.


This attestation is to be completed by designated security officials of private sector organizations, namely, any CSO or the ACSO. This attestation is mandatory for all CSOs and ACSOs within an organization who request to receive third party information from the Contract Security Program of Public Services and Procurement Canada.

In order for the program to release an individual's reliability screening and/or security clearance level(s) to authorized security officials of organizations registered in the program, this attestation must be signed prior to and on file with the program.

Submitting the attestation form

Submission of this form can be performed using any of the following methods:

Contract Security Program
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Consent Form Division
2745 Iris Street
c/o PSPC Central Mail Room
Portage III, 0B3
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau QC K1A 0S5

Attestation form

The attestation below is required to be completed by all CSOs and ACSOs requesting third party screening and/or clearance level information from Contract Security Program.

hereby agrees that all reliability screening/security clearance information belongs to the Government of Canada. Any information pertaining to an individual who has consented to his or her security clearance information being shared with an authorized company security officer or alternate company security officer will be used only for the purposes of the verification of reliability screening and/or security clearance level necessary for the provision of services pursuant to Government of Canada contracts or requests for proposal (RFP) and will be handled in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
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