Security incident report for company security officers and alternate company security officers

Following a security incident or breach, the company security officer (CSO) or alternate company security officer (ASCO) must provide the information requested in accordance with section 512(2) of the Industrial Security Manual.

Do not submit protected and/or classified information with this report

When submitting this report, clearly indicate in your email message whether you must submit sensitive information as part of the incident reporting or investigation. The investigator assigned to the file will then contact you to make the necessary arrangements to obtain these documents.


Section 512(3) of the Industrial Security Manual states:

When the results of a preliminary inquiry indicate a suspected or actual breach or compromise of information and assets, the Contract Security Program is to be immediately notified by the company security officer. A full report covering the preliminary inquiry and any subsequent investigative results are to be forwarded to the CSP as soon as possible.

Print this page for your records

Before you select "Submit", print this page for your records.

Organizations must keep records of incidents and investigation reports for a period of 2 years following the incident. These records are subject to inspection and investigation by the program.

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