Industrial Security Manual

The Industrial Security Manual is a guide for private sector organizations bidding and working on sensitive Government of Canada contracts. Organizations registered with the Contract Security Program must be compliant with the security requirements set out in this manual.

This manual is issued under the authority of, and pursuant to, the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act and the Treasury Board Policy on Government Security. It is designed to address all aspects of the requirements of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program. The program is mandated to ensure that security practices are established and maintained by private sector organizations with access to classified and protected government information and assets when under contract to the Government of Canada.

Every organization and individual provided with a security clearance under the Contract Security Program must be familiar with the contents of the Security of Information Act. This act identifies the penalties for mishandling classified information or communicating classified information to an unauthorized person.

In addition, when implementing the requirements of the program, consideration must always be given to the privacy of individuals as defined in the Privacy Act, and access to information in records as defined in the Access to Information Act.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: General introduction


Chapter 2: Security screening

Part I: Reliability status

Part II: Personnel Security Clearances

Chapter 3: Facility security clearances, Part I—Designated organization screening (protected)

Chapter 3: Facility security clearances, Part II—Facility security clearances (classified)


Chapter 4: Facility safeguarding

Chapter 5: Handling and safeguarding of classified and protected information and assets


Chapter 6: Classified request for visit protocol for Canadian-based industry


Chapter 7: Classified and protected contracts


Chapter 8: Information technology security

Chapter 9: Security requirements for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Chapter 10: Joint Certification Program

Chapter 11: International security issues

Chapter 12: Security education

Industrial Security Manual abbreviations and acronyms

Industrial Security Manual glossary

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