Canada Post Review

The Government of Canada is conducting an independent review of Canada Post to ensure Canadians receive quality postal services at a reasonable price. Canadians from coast to coast to coast are having a say in the services they value and need.



Read the discussion paper

The discussion paper: Canada Post in the Digital Age was developed by the Canada Post Review Task Force to inform Canadians, Parliamentarians and the Government on Canada Post Corporation’s financial situation, the needs of Canadians and potential viable options.

Public opinion research in support of the Canada Post Review

Public opinion research was conducted with Canadians, Indigenous peoples, and businesses as part of the review of Canada Post and are now available.

Read the Parliamentary Committee’s report

The Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates’ report: The Way Forward for Canada Post is now available! The Committee’s report includes recommendations to the Government on the future of Canada Post. The Government will review the report and announce the future direction of Canada Post in spring 2017.

Why we are conducting this review

The goal of the review is to help put Canada Post on a self-sustaining footing, while providing valuable services for Canadians well into the future. Views of Canadians matter and are being taken into consideration throughout the Review.

How the review is working

The independent review of Canada Post is being carried out in two phases.

Phase 1

An independent four-member Task Force undertook an analysis of Canada Post’s services and current financial situation, conducted public opinion research, met with key stakeholders, and examined international best practices for postal delivery. 

Phase 2

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates consulted Canadians from coast to coast to coast. The information presented in the Task Force’s discussion paper: Canada Post in the Digital Age provided a starting point for the consultations. The paper is one of many sources that will be used to shape the future of Canada Post.

How Canadians use Canada Post


How often do you use Canada Post services to receive and pay your bills, send letters or gifts, or receive online orders?

I do pay probably two thirds of my bills online, I do receive some bills in the mail and I send cheques to pay people my mail, in about two thirds of my mail.

Online, buying online, I'd say maybe once a month. As far as me mailing things, that's rare. I'd say once every six months, maybe. In terms of receiving, we definitely still receive some bills there, by mail.

Probably for most of the year when we're running the market it's probably about 3 days a week that I receive product. I don't send a lot of things through the market. And then for my personal, all my bills and my payments come to me year round so another two to three days a week.

I no longer use mail to pay my bills. I do bank transfers. However, you also have to do it ahead of time because the payment doesn't always get there within 24 hours. When it comes to letters and gifts, yes, of course I use it regularly. There's always a birthday or something to celebrate. As for online purchases, it's more my children who do that.

Most of my bills, anything personal mailing is done through Canada Post, like invitations, gifts and things like that. I will do that by Canada Post but receiving it depends on the shipping company.

I'd say at least five to six times a month. We buy lots of products, for travel, tickets to shows, things like that, online. They're often delivered by Canada Post, actually more often than not. The delivery is done by Canada Post.

Often, I send letters I send parcels. I enjoy sending out things to people who are away.

I would say that quite often, probably every week, I order things online, and we'll also send a couple of packages several times a month.

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Canadians are having a say in the future of Canada Post services.

About the review

Learn how the review is being conducted.

Task force

Task force members were chosen for their broad range of expertise, perspectives and backgrounds.

Review process

May 2016 Canada Post Review launchesMay-August 2016 Task Force conducts its workCanada Post in the Digital AgeSeptember-November 2016 Consultations with CanadiansDecember 2016 Parliamentary Committee tables reportSpring 2017 Government announces decision
Description for infographic: Review process
  • May 2016: Canada Post Review launches
  • May-August 2016: Task Force conducts its work
  • September 2016: Task Force produces Discussion Paper
  • September-November 2016: Consultations with Canadians
  • December 2016: Parliamentary Committee tables report
  • Spring 2017: Government announces decision
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