Register for epost—Retired member and Survivor/child(ren)—Canadian armed Forces pensions

Epost, Canada Post's secure online delivery service, offers you a paperless alternative to receiving your pension documents by mail.

By registering for epost, you can view your tax slips and Direct Deposit Statements online. Once registered, you can access and store your pension documents from one simple and secure location – anytime, for up to 7 years. Best of all, it's free! To register for epost, you must have a Canadian or U.S. postal mailing address.

Make sure you have on hand your pension number and Payee Account Key from your last Direct Deposit Statement before you begin to register for epost. Once on the epost website, follow the instructions provided for registering. In order to receive your pension documents in your epost mailbox, you must add ‘Canadian Forces Pension Plan' as a "Mailer".

If you are the parent or guardian of children for whom you are receiving a child's allowance, once you have registered, you can add their mailings to your epost account. Simply repeat the process to add a bill or statement using the information from the Direct Deposit Statement Pension documents will then arrive in your epost Mailbox as soon as they are issued.

Should you change your mind after you've registered for epost, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time and receive your documents by mail.

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