Living or moving outside of Canada—Survivor/child(ren)—Canadian Armed Forces pensions

Find out how your pension benefits are affected if you live outside of Canada.

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What do I do to ensure my pension continues if I am planning to live or move outside of Canada

Contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre to provide them with your new address.

Can I receive my survivor pension cheque at an address outside of Canada

Yes. Payments are made in the currency of your country of residence. However, if you choose to have your survivor pension paid by direct deposit to a bank in Canada, it will be issued in Canadian dollars.

Can the direct deposit of my survivor pension payment be sent to a bank outside of Canada

Yes. If you reside in one of the countries accepting foreign direct deposits, your pension payment can be deposited directly into your account. The deposit is made in the currency of the country in which you reside.

Visit the Individuals Living Abroad web site to review the countries that offer direct deposit and/or to obtain the required direct deposit enrolment forms.

How is my pension income reported for income tax purposes now that I live outside the country

As a non-resident, you will receive an NR4 slip indicating your pension payment income.

If part of your pension payment income is paid under the terms of the Retirement compensation arrangements (RCA), you will also receive an NR4-RCA slip, however, the total amount of income tax withheld from all pension benefits under the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Pension Plans and the RCA will be reported only on the NR4 slip.

For the year that you move outside Canada, you will receive both a T4A and an NR4 slip.

Income tax slips are mailed out by the end of February of each calendar year.

How is the amount deducted for income tax determined now that I am living outside Canada

The amount deducted for income tax is determined by your country of residence according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) non-resident tax guidelines.

Do I have to file a tax return in Canada for survivor benefits received abroad

You may have to file a Canadian tax return even if you no longer live in Canada. For further details on the tax rules applicable to non-residents, please consult the Canada Revenue Agency's guide entitled Non-Residents and Income Tax.

Can I get a tax exemption or reduction in the amount of non-resident tax that's withheld from my pension

The Government of Canada Pension Centre is required to withhold tax according to your country of residence. Any exemption or reduction in the amount of tax to be withheld must be authorized in writing by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Contact the International Tax Services Office (CRA) if you wish to pursue an exemption or reduction.

Is my survivor pension indexed according to the increase in the cost of living in the country where I live

No. Survivor benefits are indexed to reflect increases in the cost of living in Canada.

Does my Public Service Health Care Plan coverage continue

Your Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) coverage can continue. However, the cost of coverage for those living abroad is higher than it is for Canadian residents. Claims will be paid in the currency of the country where you reside. You will need to apply for the out-of-country coverage. For information concerning rates and coverage about your PSHCP coverage, consult the Public Service Health Care Plan Directive.

Does my Pensioners Dental Services Plan coverage continue

Yes. You are covered by Pensioners' Dental Service Plan (PDSP) as long as you continue to pay your contributions. Reimbursement is based on reasonable dental charges in the area where the services are performed. Eligible expenses are reimbursed in Canadian dollars.

How do I change my bank account or mailing address information

To change your direct deposit information within Canada, please complete the Direct Deposit form. If you would like to change your banking information to a bank outside of Canada, you must fill out the Foreign Direct Deposit Form associated with the corresponding country in which you reside. Send the completed form to the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

To change your mailing address information, please contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

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