Death of a survivor—Survivor/child(ren)—Canadian Armed Forces pensions

In the event of the death of a survivor who is in receipt of a survivor pension under the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA), the Government of Canada Pension Centre should be notified immediately.

You may want to know

What happens to my survivor pension upon my death?

The survivor pension is payable until the end of the month of your death.

What happens to the child pension upon my death?

Upon your death, your children continue to receive a child pension for as long as they are entitled to it, and the child pension is doubled.

Does insurance benefit plan coverage continue for any surviving children upon my death?

Any child who is entitled to a child pension may continue to be covered by the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) and the Pensioners' Dental Services Plan (PDSP) as long as he or she (or his or her guardian) applies for his or her own coverage. Coverage continues for as long as the child remains entitled to the child pension and the required premiums are paid.

If you have remarried or established a common-law relationship prior to your death, your new spouse or common law partner's health and dental care coverage ceases immediately upon your death.

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