Second Call for Proposals for the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program

Speaking Notes for The Honourable Rona Ambrose
Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for the Status of Women

Calgary, Alberta
July 14, 2011

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Thank you MP Anders. Good morning, everyone, and thank you for taking some time away from the Stampede to join us today. It’s wonderful to be back in Calgary again. I always feel so at home here.

First, I would like to acknowledge John Masters, CEO of Innovate Calgary.

I am so pleased to be here at Innovate Calgary—this is the place where companies with great ideas come and grow.

I would like to thank Dr. Naser El-Sheimy, CEO and Co-Founder of Trusted Positioning Inc., and his staff for welcoming us here this morning. With technology that delivers continuous, reliable and accurate navigation and positioning, your company is truly innovative and delivers significant results.

We also have Adrian Banica, President, CEO, Director and Founder of Synodon Inc., here with us today, who drove all the way from Edmonton. I would like to commend your company for the important work you do to help energy companies improve their energy efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance, as well as reduce their environmental footprint.

Our Government is committed to delivering results for hard-working Canadians by staying focused on what matters most to them—jobs and the economy.

As we stated in Budget 2011, our Government is committed to introducing measures that will strengthen Canada’s economy, support Canadian businesses, and create jobs in communities across the country.

Canada has now created nearly 590,000 net new jobs since July 2009, with seven straight quarters of economic growth. This steady, modest job growth shows that our Government is on the right track for the economy and hard-working families. But we’re not out of the woods yet—too many Canadians are still looking for work and we are not immune to the still fragile global economic recovery.

To keep our country’s economy on the right, positive track, we are hard at work implementing the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

That’s why we are pleased to support entrepreneurs who help keep the Canadian economy moving. This is particularly fitting this year, since 2011 is the Year of the Entrepreneur.

One of the ways we are helping support Canadian businesses is through the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program/Kickstart initiative, or CICP.

Our government launched this $40-million initiative as part of our commitment to promote the country’s economic growth, as announced in Budget 2010.

The CICP was created by our Government to help businesses kickstart their innovative ideas by moving their products and services from the lab to the marketplace.

The successful companies have the possibility of seeing their pre-commercial products and services tested within government operations, and will be given relevant feedback from the participating departments

This program helps Canadian competitiveness, supports Canadian businesses and builds the industries that will create the jobs of tomorrow.

The CICP targets innovation in four key areas: environment; safety and security; health; and technology.

On March 9, 2011, my colleague the Honourable Christian Paradis and I had the pleasure of announcing the first 19 pre-qualified Canadian innovations under the first Call for Proposals for the CICP.

Across the country, there are now Canadian businesses with innovative solutions that have the opportunity to move their ideas into action.

I am pleased to announce that an additional 8 innovations were added to the list of pre-qualified innovations when additional funding became available, bringing the total number of pre-qualified innovations to 27.

Please give a round of applause for:

  • Breviro Caviar Inc., formerly Supreme Sturgeon and Caviar, in Pennfield, New Brunswick;
  • Amika Mobile Corporation, in Ottawa, Ontario;
  • Edgewater Computer Systems Inc., in Ottawa, Ontario;
  • Fluvial Systems Research Inc., in White Rock, British Columbia;
  • blutip Power Technologies Inc., formerly Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd., in Mississauga, Ontario; and
  • S-five Systems, in Ottawa, Ontario.

And I am delighted to report that Trusted Positioning Inc. and Synodon Inc. are both included in this list. Please give these two companies a round of applause as well.

Building on the success from the first round, I am pleased to take this opportunity to announce that the second round of Calls for Proposals for the CICP is now open to businesses.

Businesses that wish to submit a proposal for this initiative can log onto MERX, the Government of Canada’s electronic tendering service, to find out more about the Call for Proposals.

They can also visit site, which has important information on the CICP and the second Call for Proposals. I encourage all interested businesses to apply for this exciting opportunity.

In Canada, we have enormous entrepreneurial talent and with this program, the Government of Canada will be giving innovators a chance to see their products and services get off the ground and into the marketplace.

Our Government is taking action on the priorities of Canadians who work hard and play by the rules. We’ve steered our country through the worst global economic recession since the 1930s. The next phase of our Economic Action Plan will guide us through the recovery.

That’s why we’re bringing forth a low-tax plan for jobs and growth that includes practical measures to complete our recovery and strengthen the financial security of Canadian workers, seniors and families.

And we’re doing that through initiatives like the CICP.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the businesses that pre-qualified for the first round of the CICP, and I strongly encourage interested businesses to apply for the second Call for Proposals for the program.

Thank you.