Our Blueprint 2020 Public Service Renewal Story

Welcome to our 2016 Public Service Renewal Results report. This year, using an interactive format, our report highlights what we’ve been doing to improve our workplace, innovate in our business, and renew and develop our workforce.

It tells our Blueprint 2020 (BP2020) story and represents what we have done and what we are aspiring to do at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). It highlights the great work we are doing to live BP2020.

As a department with major transformation initiatives, our report also describes our achievements, the challenges we’ve faced, the lessons we’ve learned, and how we are continuously working hard to become better.

Check out the video to discover PSPC and be sure to visit the webpages for more information!

Services and information

Our 2016 Public Service Renewal Results

The original version of the Our 2016 Public Service Renewal Results report is an interactive, TouchCast video and is only available on the Government of Canada network.


Discover our workforce

This section focuses on our efforts to recruit, welcome and onboard new employees. It also highlights the work we’re doing to retain and support our employees through talent management, engagement, knowledge transfer, mental health and well-being, and much more.

Discover our workplace

This section focuses on what we’re doing to improve where and how we work. This includes initiatives such as Workplace 2.0, support for telework, technology, tools for employees, and the various transformation and modernization initiatives taking place at PSPC.

Discover how we serve Canadians

This section focuses on how we innovate in our business and demonstrates how we serve Canadians. We are a service organization so when we serve our clients we are having an impact on the lives of Canadians. Find out about initiatives such as our Language Comprehension Tool, #100 Wellington, our Build in Canada Innovation Program, and more!

Discover what we’ve learned

This section focuses on the lessons we’ve learned. Find out more about taking the pulse, change management and what’s preventing us from fully living the BP2020 vision.

Discover everyday excellence

This section lets you hear directly from our employees. We asked them to share their stories about BP2020 and public service renewal and how they are living it on a day-to-day basis.