CGSB Publishes New Edition of Standard for Vapour Control Systems in Gasoline Distribution Networks

The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has recently published standard CAN/CGSB-3.1000-2013, Vapour control systems in gasoline distribution networks.

This standard provides guidance to federal, provincial and regional authorities having jurisdiction for vapour recovery in gasoline distribution networks and to owners who voluntarily implement vapour control systems. This standard specifies technical details for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of Stage I vapour control system. Implementation of Stage I vapour control systems in Canada is through regulation.

CAN/CGSB-3.1000-2013 is referenced in the B.C. Reg. 226/95 — Gasoline Vapour Control Regulation under the B.C. Environmental Management Act and in the Ontario Regulation 455/94 — Recovery of Gasoline Vapour in Bulk Transfers under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act.

This new edition of the standard was prepared and approved by the CGSB Standards Committee on Gasoline and Alternative Automotive Fuels and has been published in October 2013. The standard is available for purchase through the CGSB Purchase Standards.