Transcript for the Canadian General Standards Board Video

Every day, the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) contributes to the quality of life

by setting standards and providing certification services that improve the health and safety of all Canadians.

We support the Government of Canada by providing access to standardization tools which help keep programs efficient and effective.

Our performance based product standards support Canada's economic growth and promote Canadian innovation.

From protective equipment for our first responders, to the food we buy for our families

and even the standards for our Canadian flag, our work has a positive daily impact on our lives.

We help meet greening government objectives, raise the bar for quality products and services,

and keeps Canadians safe by providing environmental, quality, and health and safety certifications.

Our certification programs reflect the best of what the international community has to offer,

and our standards development process engages stakeholders and supports the interests of Canadians.

Over the years, thousands of technical experts have contributed to our activities to help ensure that our knowledge is passed on to future generations.

The Canadian General Standards Board. Built on innovation, expertise and success!

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