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Pension Transfer Agreements

What is a pension transfer agreement (PTA)?

A PTA permits you to increase your pension assets by transferring an amount equivalent to the actuarial value of the benefits earned in respect of your pensionable service credits under your former employer's pension plan to your new employer's pension plan.

When you cease to be employed by one employer and become employed and a participant to the pension plan of your current employer you may be eligible to transfer your pensionable service credit to your new pension plan. A PTA is one method to accomplish such a transfer. In order to participate in such an arrangement, a PTA must have been signed between the Government of Canada and an outside employer. Agreements are negotiated on behalf of the Government of Canada by the Policy and Advisory Services Division of the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

At this moment, the federal government has pension transfer agreements with over 90 other pension plans in Canada and more are currently under negotiation.

  • PTA IN: If you have currently joined or are contemplating joining the public service.
  • PTA OUT: If you have ceased employment with the public service or are contemplating leaving the public service.

If there is no valid PTA, is there another alternative to transfer my pension?

  1. If you are not able to find your former employer among the listed organizations with whom a PTA exists, there may not be a valid agreement in place. If no agreement is in place and you wish to pursue the PTA option, you must contact your former employer to see if they are interested in negotiating a PTA with the Government of Canada.
  2. As an alternative to a PTA, you may wish to explore the possibility of Service Buyback (also known as elective service).

How can my former employer initiate a PTA negotiation?

Any employer wishing to initiate negotiations must write to the Policy and Advisory Services Division of the Pension Centre confirming that:

  • they are interested in entering into a PTA;
  • their plan is registered under the Income Tax Act;
  • they have at least ten active members.

The address for the Pension Centre is:

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Government of Canada Pension Centre
Policy and Advisory Services Division
PO Box 5155
Shediac NB E4P 8T9

It should be noted that no action will be taken by the Pension Centre unless a request to negotiate a PTA is received directly from your former employer.