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Survivors' Benefits
Octobre 2010 - Section 1

Government of Canada Pension Centre - Contact Information

The Pension Centre can be reached by telephone, facsimile or mail. When contacting the Pension Centre, always include your pension number (which is found on your payment statement or correspondence), your full name, address and telephone number, including area code. We can often answer letters or facsimiles via a telephone call.

Consult our Contact Us - Government of Canada Pension Centre page for further details on how you can reach us.

The Pension Centre will also handle your change of address requests. To ensure that you get your monthly pension benefit, payment statement, information packages and tax information slips without delay, we must receive your change of address or bank account details prior to the first of the month for which you wish the change to be made. When changing banking arrangements, the old account should not be closed until a payment is deposited in the new one. Change of address or bank account details may be done in writing, by facsimile or by telephone.

If you move to another province or another country, please consult with the Pension Centre as this change may affect your medical insurance coverage.