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Registration, renewal and amendment

Registration exemptions

For temporary workers and international students

For visitors

Security assessments

Security assessments for owners, authorized individuals, designated officials, officers, directors and employees

Instructions for authorized individuals and owners being security assessed by the Controlled Goods Program

You must complete a criminal record check processed through the Canadian Police Information Centre or a fingerprint criminal record check. These checks can be conducted at local police stations or at private accredited fingerprinting agencies. Once completed, submit the results with the security assessment application form. Contact the Controlled Goods Program for more information.

Instructions for designated officials being security assessed by the Controlled Good Program

You must submit the results of your fingerprint criminal record check report directly to the Controlled Goods Program. This report is available from your local police station, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) office or private accredited fingerprint company.

In rural or remote areas, where fingerprinting services are not available, designated officials will need to submit an original RCMP C216-C fingerprint identification form with the security assessment application.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is phasing out their name-based criminal record check process in favour of a system that uses electronic fingerprints to identify individuals. For security assessments applications of designated officials submitted to the Controlled Goods Program, electronic fingerprints are already mandatory for criminal records checks.

For security assessment applications of authorized individuals and owners, as well as for security assessments of employees by their company’s designated official(s), the Controlled Goods Program recommends that electronic fingerprints be used to conduct criminal record checks.

Security assessments for temporary workers and international students

Security assessment summary

Checklists for security assessment applications

Using a Government of Canada or Transport Canada security clearance

Security assessments results notification

Security breaches


In the case of a discrepancy between these guidelines and the Controlled Goods Regulations the regulations take precedence.

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