Introduction—2014–15 Annual report on Government of Canada advertising activities

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In fiscal year 2014–15, the Government of Canada spent $68.7 million to inform the public, through advertising, of key programs, services, and health and safety issues.

A variety of traditional, digital and social media channels were used to reach out  to newcomers, veterans, business owners, parents, youth, students, workers and the general public.

Many of the campaigns were a continuation of ongoing government priorities to celebrate Canada's men and women in uniform—Past and present; to recruit new generations for careers in the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; to encourage taxpayers to take advantage of tax relief measures; to increase awareness of various job training and skills development programs; to promote services to newcomers; and to foster healthy, safe behaviours.

As a lead-in to Canada's 150 anniversary of Confederation in 2017, the Government of Canada also launched a campaign celebrating the Fathers of Confederation. This campaign focused on historical conferences held in Charlottetown and Quebec City in 1864, where notable figures such as Sir George-Étienne Cartier, Sir John A. MacDonald and Thomas D'Arcy McGee met to consider the unification of British North America's provinces—Leading to Canada as it is known today.

Information about these and other campaigns, as well as all costs associated with government advertising activities, are documented in this thirteenth Annual Report on Government of Canada Advertising Activities.

Canada 150: Fathers of Confederation

Canada 150: Fathers of Confederation. See text description below.
Image description

This Film strip is showing 3 images from the Canada 150: Fathers of Confederation campaign. From left to right: the first image is showing two men dressed in period clothes sitting at a table discussing; the second image is showing people dressed in winter attire cheering in front of a screen showing a hockey championship; and, the third image is showing a crowd of people standing in front of parliament hill waving Canadian flags while watching fireworks going off in celebration of Canada Day.

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