Non-Financial Assets

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Non‑financial assets are assets that have an economic life that extends beyond the accounting period and that are intended for consumption in the normal course of operations. They are converted into expense in future periods and include tangible capital assets, inventories, and prepaid expenses.

Tangible capital assets consist of acquired, built, developed or improved tangible assets, which are intended to be used on a continuous basis and are not intended for sale in the ordinary course of business. For financial reporting purposes, tangible capital assets are grouped in the following categories: land, buildings, works and infrastructure, machinery and equipment, vehicles, leasehold improvements, assets under construction, and assets under capital leases.

Inventories are items of tangible property that are to be used in the delivery of program outputs. Some revolving funds and a few departments may have inventories held for resale to parties outside the Government.

Prepaid expenses and other are disbursements made, pursuant to a contract, before the completion of the work, delivery of the goods or rendering of the service.

Table 10.1 presents the non‑financial assets by category.

Table Summary

The table presents, in thousands of dollars, a two-year comparative of the non-financial assets. It consists of three columns: a list of the categories; March 31 of the current year; March 31 of the previous year. The first series of rows presents the net tangible capital assets followed by a subtotal. Then, there is one row for Inventories and another for Prepaid expenses and other. The last row represents the total of the table.

(in thousands of dollars)

Table 10.1
Non-Financial Assets by category

  March 31, 2015 March 31, 2014
Net tangible capital assets, Table 10.2    
Land 1,604,805 1,597,238
Buildings 14,414,181 12,716,397
Works and infrastructure 6,273,001 5,975,103
Machinery and equipment 9,313,628 9,876,404
Vehicles, Table 10.3 14,234,608 14,031,909
Leasehold improvements 1,205,890 1,186,224
Assets under construction 13,358,804 13,849,863
Assets under capital leases, Table 10.4 2,942,291 2,709,443
Subtotal 63,347,208 61,942,581
Inventories 7,250,094 7,315,212
Prepaid expenses and other 4,031,737 1,174,639
Total 74,629,039 70,432,432

Chart 10A

Non‑Financial Assets by category at March 31, 2015

Non-Financial Assets by Category at March 31, 2015. Refer to the text description following the image.

Image Description

The Graph "Non-Financial Assets by Category" shows the non-financial assets by Category for the current year and their relative percentage to the total. It is composed of Prepaid expenses and other 5.4%, Land 2.2%, Buildings 19.3%, Works and infrastructure 8.4% Machinery and equipment 12.5%, Vehicles 19.1%, Leasehold improvements 1.6%, Assets under construction 17.9%, Assets under capital leases 3.9% and Inventories 9.7%.

Chart 10B

Non‑Financial Assets at March 31, 2015

(in millions of dollars)

Non-Financial Assets at March 31, 2015. Refer to the text description following the image.

Image Description

The Graph shows, in millions of dollars, the non-financial assets at March 31 for the current year and the ten previous years in chronological order: $54,870; $55,447; $56,637; $58,644; $61,503; $63,375; $66,581; $67,959; $68,922, $70,433 and 74,629.

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