Interest and Matured Debt

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Interest and matured debt includes interest due, interest accrued and matured debt.

Table 5.9 presents a summary of the balances for the accounts in this category of accounts payable and accrued liabilities.

Table Summary

The table presents, to the nearest dollar, a two-year comparative summary of the interest and matured debt. It consists of three columns; a detailed listing of components; current year ended March 31; previous year ended March 31.

Table 5.9
Interest and Matured Debt

  March 31, 2015 March 31, 2014
Interest due 914,909,147 1,076,866,714
Interest accrued 3,971,630,713 4,158,125,883
Matured debt 352,895,325 349,851,325
Total 5,239,435,185 5,584,843,922

Interest due

Interest due is the interest on the bonded debt, which is due and payable but has not been redeemed by bond holders.

Interest accrued

Interest accrued is the interest accumulated as at March 31 on the bonded debt and certain other liabilities, that is not payable until a future date.

Matured debt

This account records financial obligations represented by certificates of indebtedness issued by the Government that have become due but that have not been presented for redemption. Unclaimed matured bonds are transferred to other revenues if they remain unredeemed 15 years after the date of call or maturity, whichever is earlier.

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