Cash and Cash Equivalents

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Cash consists of public moneys on deposit and cash in transit at March 31. Cash in bank consists of public moneys on deposit to the credit of the Receiver General for Canada, with the Bank of Canada, chartered banks and other financial institutions. Cash with the Bank of Canada includes operational balances and balances held for the Prudential Liquidity Fund. Cash in transit consists of public moneys received by public officers prior to April 1, but not deposited by that date as well as cash held by consolidated Crown corporations and other entities. Outstanding cheques and warrants are deducted to arrive at the closing cash balance.

Cash equivalents consist mainly of term deposits resulting from auctions administered by the Bank of Canada and the Department of Finance on behalf of the Minister of Finance. The short term deposits, denominated in Canadian dollars, are made from a portion of the daily surplus of cash balance and have a short term maturity, usually not exceeding 31 calendar days.

Table 7.2 presents a summary of the cash and cash equivalents.

Table Summary

The table presents, to the nearest dollar, a summary of the cash and cash equivalents. It consists of three columns: a detailed listing of components; March 31 of the current year; March 31 of the previous year. The first series of rows presents the Cash in bank. The second series of rows presents the Cash in transit. The third series of rows presents the Outstanding cheques and warrants followed by three totals.

Table 7.2
Cash and Cash Equivalents

  March 31, 2015
March 31, 2014
Cash in bank —    
Canadian currencyLink to footnote 1 21,463,464,272 22,048,776,596
Foreign currenciesLink to footnote 2 283,189,353 14,128,813
Special depositsLink to footnote 3 50,000,000 50,000,000
Total cash in bank 21,796,653,625 22,112,905,409
Cash in transit —    
Cash in hands of collectors and in transit 10,437,353,804 10,130,655,855
Other cash — Consolidated Crown corporations and other entitiesLink to footnote 4 782,854,000 569,357,000
Total cash in transit 11,220,207,804 10,700,012,855
Less: Outstanding cheques and warrants —    
Outstanding chequesLink to footnote 5 4,171,960,594 5,343,849,151
Imprest account chequesLink to footnote 6 95,243 110,652
Total outstanding cheques and warrants 4,172,055,837 5,343,959,803
Total cash 28,844,805,592 27,468,958,461
Cash equivalents 6,154,036,000 3,960,044,097
Total cash and cash equivalents 34,998,841,592 31,429,002,558


Footnote 1

Included in Canadian currency is $20 billion ($20 billion in 2014) with respect to the Prudential Liquidity Fund.

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Footnote 2

These balances denominated in US dollars include cash and cash equivalents which have been translated into Canadian dollars at March 31.

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Footnote 3

These are balances in the hands of financial institutions for the reimbursement of GST refund payments issued by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec on behalf of the Government.

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Footnote 4

These funds are not public moneys to the credit of the Receiver General for Canada but are for the exclusive use of consolidated Crown corporations and other entities.

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Footnote 5

Receiver General cheques issued in Canadian dollars, and outstanding are recorded in this account. Cheques outstanding for 10 years are transferred to other revenues. During the year, an amount of $39,985,026 ($40,335,371 in 2014) was transferred to other revenues. Cheques in foreign currencies are credited to the Government's cash account at the time of issue.

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Footnote 6

Imprest account cheques issued and unpaid at March 31, with the exception of those outstanding for 10 years or more (which have been transferred to other revenues), are recorded in this account.

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