Special Drawing Rights Allocations

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This account records the value of special drawing rights (SDR) allocated to Canada by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The SDR is an international currency created by the IMF, and allocated to countries participating in its Special Drawing Rights Department. It represents a liability of Canada, as circumstances could arise whereby Canada could be called upon to repay these allocations, in part or in total.

As an asset, SDRs represent rights to purchase currencies of other countries participating in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights Department, as well as to make payments to the IMF itself. All SDRs allocated to Canada by the IMF have either been used to settle subscriptions in the IMF, or have been advanced to the Exchange Fund Account.

There was no allocation of SDRs by the IMF to Canada during the year. In 2014–2015, receipts and other credits consisted of a valuation adjustment of $231 million.

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