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Table Summary

The table presents the Revenues. The table consists of 3 columns: Description; Current year; Previous year. For each department or agency are the sub‑totals by classification of revenues, and, at the end of the table, the total revenues for the ministry.

Description Current year
Previous year
Other revenues —    
Return on investments —    
Loans, investments and advances —    
Interest on bank deposits 136,509  
Refunds of previous years' expenditures —    
Refunds of previous years' expenditures 9,618,569 3,454,314
Adjustments to prior year's payables 1,482,996 1,975,274
Total 11,101,565 5,429,588
Proceeds from the disposal of surplus Crown assets 13,283 9,564
Miscellaneous revenues —    
Contribution recoveries (loans, advances and accounts receivables) 52,472,740 48,950,068
Recognition of revenues on accounts receivables 44,085 22,602
Interest and other charges to clients 918,249 355,615
Sundries 5,265 5,240
Total 53,440,339 49,333,525
Total Ministry 64,691,696 54,772,677

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