Strategic outcome and program descriptions

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Strategic Outcome 1

Quebec's regions have a growing economy.

Program 1.1 — Business Development

This program is designed to support development of enterprises throughout their life cycle so as to enhance Quebec's economic growth. Enterprises are recognized as generating a major share of economic activity and job creation. Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec’s (CED) aim is to foster the emergence of new businesses and the next generation of entrepreneurs. Its aim is also to enhance the competitiveness of existing businesses and help to ensure survival by improving their performance through development of production, innovation, commercialization and export capacities. In this program, CED targets mainly enterprises either directly or via organizations serving businesses and entrepreneurs. CED promotes the development of enterprises through a grants and contributions program.

Program 1.2 — Regional Economic Development

The purpose of this program is to support the economic development of the various regions in order to increase Quebec's economic growth. The regions of Quebec are not homogeneous and have different circumstances, with issues, challenges and strengths particular to their region. The regions generate prosperity, and their participation in the economy is essential for Quebec's economic growth. CED supports the strengthening of their economic base by encouraging stakeholder engagement in economic development and stimulating investment in all regions of Quebec. In this program, CED targets mainly organizations or enterprises. CED supports regional development through a grants and contributions program.

Program 1.3 — Strengthening Community Economies

In addition to its regular programs, CED is called upon to develop, administer and implement national programs or temporary, targeted initiatives intended to strengthen community economies and increase Quebec's economic growth. CED supports the economic development of rural communities and ensures the sound and effective management of infrastructure programs in Quebec. CED also supports economic activity in Quebec communities experiencing economic shocks or where there are major economic development issues or promising opportunities for development. This program is directed at businesses and organizations. In this program, CED receives dedicated, temporary supplementary funding from the Government of Canada, through the Agency's own special allocations or through the Community Futures Program (PFC).

Strategic Outcome 2

The following program supports all strategic outcomes within this organization.

Program 2.1 — Internal services

The Internal services program supports all strategic outcomes and is common across government. Internal services are groups of related activities and resources that are administered to support the needs of programs and other corporate obligations of an organization. These groups are: Management and oversight services; Communications services; Legal services; Human resources management services; Financial management services; Information management services; Information technology services; Real property services; Materiel services; Acquisition services; and Travel and Other administrative services. Internal services include only those activities and resources that apply across an organization and not to those provided specifically to a program.

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