Transfer payments

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Table Summary

The table presents the Transfer Payments. The table consists of 3 columns: Description; Source of authorities; Disposition of authorities. Under Source of authorities there are 4 columns: Available from previous years; Main estimates; Supplementary estimates; Adjustments, warrants and transfers; Total available for use. Under Disposition of authorities there are 4 columns: Used in the current year; Variance; Available for use in subsequent years; Used in the previous year. For each department or agency, subtotal for grants, contributions and other transfer payments are displayed. At the end of the table are the totals for the ministry.

Description Source of authorities Disposition of authorities
Available from previous years
Main Estimates
Supplementary Estimates
Adjustments, warrants and transfers
Total available for use
Used in the current year
Available for use in subsequent years
Used in the previous year
Contributions to support Aboriginal participation in the northern economy   10,800,000     10,800,000 8,760,780 2,039,220    
Contributions for advancing adult basic education in Canada's territories   6,604,803     6,604,803 6,604,803     6,507,119
Contributions for promoting regional development in Canada's three territories   1,237,000 17,975,525   19,212,525 18,753,999 458,526   18,556,734
Items not required for the current year                 11,435,446
Total Ministry   18,641,803 17,975,525   36,617,328 34,119,582 2,497,746   36,499,299

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