International Travel Expenditures of Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Ministers' Staff

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This statement presents the international travel expenditures incurred by ministers, parliamentary secretaries, and ministers' staff where the travel is required for departmental operational or program purposes only. These expenditures are charged to a special fund centre, created from existing reference levels, within the minister's department or agency. These costs are not charged to the ministers' office therefore are not included on the Expenditure of ministers' offices table.

Table Summary

The table presents the international travel expenditures incurred by ministers, parliamentary secretaries, and ministers' staff in the current year and consists of two columns. The first column presents Ministers, Parliamentary secretaries and ministers' staff by Department and Ministries of State. The second column presents the Amount of expenditures for each Minister, parliamentary secretary and minister's staff. There is a total at the end of the table.

Ministry/Minister Amount
Minister of Agriculture and Agri‑Food —  
Hon G Ritz 169,479
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration —  
Hon C Alexander 60,929
Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec —  
Hon D Lebel 13,365
Ministers of Employment and Social Development —  
Hon J Kenney 47,306
Hon P Poilievre 713
Minister of the Environment —  
Hon L Aglukkaq 31,588
Minister of Finance —  
Hon J Oliver 160,693
Parliamentary Secretary  
A Saxton 14,105
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans —  
Hon G Shea 36,507
Ministers of Foreign Affairs —  
Hon J Baird 396,234
Hon R Nicholson 35,298
Minister of Health —  
Hon R Ambrose 54,840
Minister of Industry —  
Hon J Moore 30,683
Parliamentary Secretary  
M Lake 910
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada —  
Hon P G MacKay 13,874
Minister of International Development and for La Francophonie —  
Hon C Paradis 100,098
Minister of International Trade —  
Hon E Fast 282,744
Minister of Labour —  
Hon K Leitch 53,486
Ministers of National Defence —  
Hon J Kenney 5,826
Hon R Nicholson 123,034
Associate Minister of National Defence —  
Hon J Fantino 11,352
Minister of National Revenue —  
Hon K‑L D Findlay 25,242
Minister of Natural Resources —  
Hon G Rickford 82,292
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness —  
Hon S Blaney 58,639
Minister for Status of Women —  
Hon K Leitch 23,762
Minister of Transport —  
Hon L Raitt 34,042
President of the Treasury Board —  
Hon T Clement 33,091
Ministers of Veterans Affairs —  
Hon E O'Toole 3,986
Hon J Fantino 28,240
Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) —  
Hon R Moore 409
Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular) —  
Hon L Yelich 76,992
Minister of State (Multiculturalism) —  
Hon T Uppal 43,342
Minister of State (Seniors) —  
Hon A Wong 6,633
Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture) —  
Hon M Bernier 810
Minister of State (Social Development) —  
Hon C Bergen 24,356
Minister of State (Sport) —  
Hon B Gosal 10,921
Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification) —  
Hon M Rempel 14,862
Total 2,110,683

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