Employment and Social Development

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Compensation Payments and Administration Expenditures Link to footnote 1

Table Summary

The table presents compensation payments and administration expenses paid by the department of Employment and Social Development in the current year and consists of four columns. The first column presents the compensation payments and administration expenditures' details followed by the recoveries' elements deducted from the payments and expenditures. The following columns present the amounts related to compensation cayments, administration expenditures and total payments for each payment, expenditure and recovery element. There is a row for the payments and expenditures and a subtotal row for the recoveries. The Net expenditures are presented at the end of the table.

Description Compensation paymentsLink to footnote 2 Administration expenditures Link to footnote 3 Total Payments
Newfoundland and Labrador 2,896,385 1,003,715 3,900,100
Prince Edward Island 739,094 238,266 977,360
Nova Scotia — Federal 9,553,790 2,195,832 11,749,622
Nova Scotia — Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) 10,882,015 1,959,156 12,841,171
Nova Scotia — Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) (Section 9a) 3,714,599 638,800 4,353,399
Nova Scotia — Old Silicosis 223,949 40,100 264,049
New Brunswick 5,532,857 1,136,227 6,669,084
Quebec 18,013,812 4,151,557 22,165,369
Ontario 36,898,806 11,641,891 48,540,697
Manitoba 2,838,897 1,717,783 4,556,680
Saskatchewan 3,119,648 2,607,309 5,726,957
Alberta 9,901,704 2,675,541 12,577,245
British Columbia 16,281,096 6,278,570 22,559,666
Claim cost payment in respect of Merchant Seamen Compensation Act 1,920   1,920
Legal, medical, professional expenses related to Workers' Compensation — 3rd party claims (negative 31,151)   (negative 31,151)
Claim cost payments to locally engaged employees outside Canada (Section 7) 28,835   28,835
Compensation payments to other Government departments for employees locally engaged outside Canada 28,262   28,262
Subtotal 120,624,518 36,284,747 156,909,265
Less: recoveries      
Claim and administration expenses recovered from Crown agencies 35,617,275 13,949,978 49,567,253
Claim and administration expenses recovered from other Government departments 51,733,147 13,879,123 65,612,270
Claim and administration expenses recoveries related to employment insurance 426,216 85,243 511,459
Recoveries from responsible 3rd parties (subrogation) 3,845,367   3,845,367
Subtotal 91,622,005 27,914,344 119,536,349
Net expendituresLink to footnote 4 29,002,513 8,370,403 37,372,916


Footnote 1

These payments and expenditures are charged to a statutory spending authority called "Payments of compensation respecting Government employees (Government Employees Compensation Act) and merchant seamen (Merchant Seamen Compensation Act)" (refer to Ministry Summary, section 9 of Volume II).

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Footnote 2

Includes the net payments of compensation respecting:

  1. Government employees (Government Employees Compensation Act);
  2. merchant seamen (Merchant Seamen Compensation Act); and,
  3. employees of mines now operated by Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation who contracted silicosis prior to acquisition of mines by the Corporation.

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Footnote 3

Represents the federal government's net share of administration expenditures of provincial boards. The claims of federal employees eligible for compensation are dealt with and paid by the provincial workers' compensation boards from funds advanced by the federal government.

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Footnote 4

Net expenditures agree with the Payments of compensation respecting Government employees and merchant seamen.

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