Ex gratia payments

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This statement provides, by ministry and by department and agencies, details for all ex gratia payments of $100 or over. Payments of less than $100 are reported as one amount at the end of each department and agency, together with the total number of such payments. For the purposes of this statement, an ex gratia payment is a discretionary payment, made as an act of benevolence in the public interest, free of any legal obligation, whether or not any value or service has been received. Where the situation warrants non‑disclosure, the recipient's name may be withheld from publication.

Table Summary

The table presents, by ministry, Ex Gratia payments and consists of two columns. The first column presents particulars and payee of discretionary payments made by Departments and Agencies by Ministry. Where the situation warrants non‑disclosure, the recipient's name is withheld and identified as such in the table. Payments of less than $100 are reported as one amount at the end of each Ministry together with the number of such payments. The second column presents the amount of the discretionary payment. There is a subtotal row for each Department and Agency and a total for each Ministry. There is a total at the end of the table.

Description and payee Amount
Canada Revenue Agency  
Relief payments for heating expenses —  
Campbell B 250
Dagenais L 250
Total 500
Canadian Heritage  
P.C. 2014‑1157, October 30, 2014, His Excellency the Governor General in Council, authorized a one‑time payment on behalf of Their Royal Highnesses Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall —  
Let's Talk Science 75,000
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society 75,000
P.C. 2015‑0344, March 26, 2015, His Excellency the Governor General in Council, authorized a one‑time payment on behalf of Her Royal Highness Princess Royal —  
Girl Guides of Canada 25,000
The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association 25,000
Payment under $100 (1) 40
Total 200,040
Employment and Social Development  
Reimbursement of costs for the replacement of lost documents —  
Lopes S 100
Payments under $100 (4) 189
Total 289
Compensation for charges incurred by the use of a cellular phone —  
Porteous K 320
Parks Canada Agency  
Compensation for damage to a boat —  
Hebert C 1,592
Hebert S 2,175
Compensation for damage to a vehicle —  
Sippley S 658
Payment under $100 (1) 24
Subtotal 4,449
Total 4,769
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development  
Reimbursement for accounting services —  
Blane S 641
Compensation to victims of Thalidomide —  
Names withheld (95) 11,875,000
Canadian Food Inspection Agency  
Compensation for the replacement of equipment —  
Apperloo R 1,680
Total 11,876,680
Reimbursement of a travel advance —  
Jackson I 400
Canadian Human Rights Commission  
Settlement of a harassment complaint —  
Name withheld 4,000
Total 4,400
National Defence  
Compensation for loss of personal effects —  
Husain M 2,148
Zouhire N 251
Compensation for missed financial opportunities, pay, incentives and pension —  
Name withheld 95,000
Compensation for personal injuries —  
Thomson R 39,933
Compensation for travel costs for integration of the Families of the Fallen Program into the National Day of Honour 2014 —  
Names withheld (461) payments from $15 to $3,372 374,532
Subtotal 511,864
Military Grievances External Review Committee  
Compensation for an employment dispute —  
Lacroix D 2,500
Total 514,364
Office of the Governor General's Secretary  
Compensation for damages to clothing —  
Cardinal J 141
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness  
Payment for ambulance services for an employee —  
Names withheld (2) 285
Canada Border Services Agency  
P.C. 2012‑0539, April 26, 2012, His Excellency the Governor General in Council authorizes the International Organization for Migration to make payments for rejected refugee claimants —  
International Organization for Migration 39,178
Payments under $100 (3) 170
Subtotal 39,348
Royal Canadian Mounted Police  
Compensation for damage to personal property —  
Doucette M 300
McGreevy S 2,540
Wesbrook Properties 332
Wessex Inn 400
Compensation for loss of money —  
Nguyen T 200
Compensation for reimbursement of cost —  
British Columbia Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals for  
Dorward J 2,408
Odessky M 500
Subtotal 6,680
Total 46,313
Reimbursement of funeral costs related to a helicopter accident —  
Name withheld 5,057
Veterans Affairs  
Earnings Loss and Death Benefit adjustments —  
Name withheld 8,631
Special Benefit payment to Merchant Navy Veterans —  
Name withheld 5,000
Total 13,631
Grand Total 12,666,825

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