Public Accounts of Canada

The Public Accounts of Canada is the report of the Government of Canada prepared annually by the Receiver General, as required by section 64 of the Financial Administration Act. It covers the fiscal year of the Government, which ends on March 31.

The information contained in the report originates from two sources of data:

  • the summarized financial transactions presented in the Accounts of Canada, maintained by the Receiver General; and
  • the detailed records, maintained by departments and agencies.

Each department and agency is responsible for reconciling its accounts to the control accounts of the Receiver General, and for maintaining detailed records of the transactions in their accounts.

The Receiver General has published eleven datasets for the Public Accounts of Canada to the Government of Canada's Open Data Portal.


Footnote 1

These form part of the Public Accounts of Canada, which will be published on this Web site upon tabling in the House of Commons once Parliament resumes.

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