Appendix C—Excerpts of Sections 33 and 34 of the Financial Administration Act

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Section 33

  1. No charge shall be made against an appropriation except on the requisition of the appropriate Minister of the department for which the appropriation was made or of a person authorized in writing by that Minister
  2. Every requisition for a payment out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund shall be in such form, accompanied by such documents and certified in such manner as the Treasury Board may prescribe by regulation
  3. No requisition shall be made pursuant to Subsection (1) for a payment that:
    1. would not be a lawful charge against the appropriation
    2. would result in an expenditure in excess of the appropriation
    3. would reduce the balance available in the appropriation so that it would not be sufficient to meet the commitments charged against it
  4. The appropriate Minister may transmit to the Treasury Board any requisition with respect to which that Minister desires the direction of the Board, and the Board may order that payment be made or refused. (R.S., c. F-10, s. 26)

Section 34

  1. No payment shall be made in respect of any part of the federal public administration unless, in addition to any other voucher or certificate that is required, the deputy of the appropriate Minister, or another person authorized by that Minister, certifies:
    1. in the case of a payment for the performance of work, the supply of goods or the rendering of services:
      1. that the work has been performed, the goods supplied or the service rendered, as the case may be, and that the price charged is according to the contract, or if not specified by the contract, is reasonable
      2. where, pursuant to the contract, a payment is to be made before the completion of the work, delivery of the goods or rendering of the service, as the case may be, that the payment is according to the contract
      3. where, in accordance with the policies and procedures prescribed under Subsection (2), payment is to be made in advance of verification, that the claim for payment is reasonable
    2. in the case of any other payment, that the payee is eligible for or entitled to the payment
  2. The Treasury Board may prescribe policies and procedures to be followed to give effect to the certification and verification required under Subsection (1). (R.S., , c. F-11, s. 34; , c. 24, s. 13; , c. 22, s. 224 (E)).

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