Receiver General for Canada

The Receiver General (RG) for Canada manages the operations of the federal treasury and ensures the integrity of the Consolidated Revenue Fund and the preparation of the Public Accounts of Canada.

As RG for Canada, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada is responsible for the following services to Canadian citizens and businesses:

  • Issuing payments for the Government of Canada
    The RG issues payments on behalf of federal government departments and some provincial governments. These payments are made to Canadian citizens and businesses, both in Canada and around the world. Payments can be made in Canadian funds or in a multitude of other currencies.

  • Accepting payments to the Government of Canada
    The RG manages all banking arrangements with financial institutions (banks, credit unions, trust companies, caisses populaires) to accept and process payments to the federal government.

  • Preparing the Public Accounts of Canada
    As the government's bookkeeper and as Custodian of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the RG must publish the Public Accounts of Canada as required by section 64 of the Financial Administration Act. The Public Accounts include the annual audited financial statements of the Government of Canada.