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Dual Employment

The term "dual employment" describes the situation where an employee is on LWOP from his/her substantive position and is employed in another position (full-time or part-time) in the public service during that leave. The plan member in this situation is not considered to be on LWOP.

Prior to July 4, 1994, an employee on LWOP from a contributory position would not become a contributor during the term employment if the term employment was part-time. However, with the introduction of pension coverage for part-time employees, an individual in this situation will now be required to contribute to the pension plan, if the term position is for an average of at least 12 hours per week.


  • Part-time employment during LWOP;
  • LWOP from full-time position from 15-10-1993 to 31-10-1996;
  • Term position from 01-09-1994 to 31-01-1995 at 22.5 hours;
  • Pension coverage based on deemed salaries of the full-time position from 15-10-1993 to 31-08-1994 and from 01- 02-1995 to 31-10-1996;
  • Pension coverage based on the assigned work week (AWW)/standard work week (SWW) of the part-time position from 01-09-1994 to 31-01-1995.

When a plan member is on LWOP from his/her substantive position and becomes engaged in a dual employment situation within the same pay office (PO) and same department, the compensation advisor must send a completed "Notification of Rehabilitation Leave, Educational Leave (with allowance) or Dual Employment – same pay office, same department" form (Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)-Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada (TPSGC) 140) to the Public Service Pension Centre (Pension Centre).

Once the form is received, the Pension Centre will ensure that the recovery of deficiencies for the period of LWOP (excluding periods of dual employment) is deferred until the plan member returns to work following the original LWOP.

NOTE: Arrears payments for past elective service should continue to be made during the period of LWOP in order to avoid defaults.

Last Update: November 2011