ARCHIVED Roles and Responsibilities Chart - Transfer from the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)

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Compensation Advisor (CA)

  • | Provides the Pension Centre contact information
  • | Completes and certifies salary and service records within 20 working days following the Pension Centre's request
  • | Forwards form PWGSC-TPSGC 2386 to the Pension Centre, and a copy to the pay office (PO) for completion of Part 2

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Public Service Pension Centre (Pension Centre)

  • Refers eligible clients to the Web Pension Portability and the Pension Entitlement Information Package
  • Advises the client to obtain Appendix A/A2 from the other plan administrator
  • Receives Appendix A/A2 from the client and provides relevant documents to the other plan administrator (certified service and salary records, pension adjustment (PA) value and federal adjustment amount)
  • Receives Appendix B/B2 from the client and the request letter for transfer of funds from the other plan administrator
  • Processes transfer and forwards funds to the other plan administrator
  • Sends a letter to the client confirming transfer and options for excess payments, if applicable
  • Refunds the excess of pension funds to the employee, if applicable

Employee or Potential Plan Member

  • | Completes the employee's portion of Appendix A/A2 according to timelines and forwards to the Pension Centre. Forwards a copy to the other plan administrator
  • Receives a pension transfer estimate from the other plan administrator
  • | Completes Appendix B/B2, according to timelines, to confirm the request to proceed with the pension transfer. Forwards to the Pension Centre
  • Receives confirmation of payment transfer from the other plan administrator
  • | Decides on payment method of excess pension funds and forwards the relevant documentation to the Pension Centre
  • Receives payment of excess of pension funds

Other Plan Administrator

  • Provides information to the client regarding the eligibility for transfer and provides Appendix A/A2
  • | Receives Appendix A/A2 and relevant information from the Pension Centre
  • Completes and provides the employee with Appendix B/B2 which includes the pension transfer estimate
  • | Sends letter to the Pension Centre requesting funds
  • | Receives funds from the Pension Centre
  • Informs the client of service purchased by the transfer and the cost of balance not purchased, if any