CD 2014-010

Subject: Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) for 2014 - Payroll Deductions

Date: August 15st, 2014  Updated August 26, 2014

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of this directive is to provide information concerning payroll deductions for the GCWCC which begins in September 2014.

1.2. This directive applies to all departments and organizations participating in the GCWCC payroll deductions program.

2. Cancellation

2.1. This supersedes Compensation Directive ARCHIVED - CD 2013-013 dated September 27, 2013.

3. Background

3.1. Traditionally, employees participating in the GCWCC completed a hard copy of the gift form. In the last three years, employees in select departments and agencies have had the option to participate by using e-Pledge. E-Pledge is a website owned and maintained by the United Way Ottawa where employees can log in, update their donor profile, and donate to the GCWCC by credit card or by a payroll deduction. This year, e-Pledge is available to employees of participating departments who work in the National Capital Region (NCR). Pending national rollout, employees working outside of the NCR must still use the "National GCWCC Gift Form". Please see Annex A for the list of departments and agencies that are participating in e-Pledge this year.

While it is preferable for NCR employees to, whenever possible, make their gift using e-Pledge, they still have the option of filling out a gift form.

4. Procedures and Instructions

4.1. Charitable Organizations

4.1.1. All United Way agencies authorized for payroll deductions and their corresponding identification numbers for donations are listed in Annex B.

4.1.2. Also included in Annex B is the corresponding identification number for donations to Healthpartners. Identification number "01555" is the same across Canada. For the NCR, the United Way code "01001" has been prefilled in box 5 of part 2 of the gift form, entitled "Other Canadian Registered Charities". All other Canadian registered charities will be coded with the donor's local United Way identification number and the United Way will be responsible for remitting the donations to the designated charities.

4.2. Gift Form

4.2.1. The gift form is retained by the GCWCC. Employees may request a copy of the completed gift form from their canvasser, or make a copy themselves during the donation process.

4.2.2. Employees making a donation through a payroll deduction are required to clearly complete the part entitled "Fill out this section if giving through payroll deduction", at the bottom of the page.

It should be noted that the Personal Record Identifier (PRI) is to be added to the gift form only if a payroll deduction is requested.

4.2.3. The gift form is divided into several parts:

  • Part 1 contains part of the information that United Way needs to issue an income tax receipt if the donation is not made through payroll deductions, and to obtain statistical information on donors. Completion of the statistical information is on a voluntary basis only and is not required to make a donation;
  • Part 2 contains the donation information:
    • For the NCR, the donations for the United Way must be filled in box (1), (2) and (3), donations to Healthpartners in box (4) and donations to other Canadian registered charities in box (5);
    • For the rest of Canada, the donations for the United Way must be filled in box (1) and (2), donations to Healthpartners in box (3) and donations to other Canadian registered charities in box (4);
  • Part 3 contains the summary of part 2 with the total gift;
  • Part 4 contains information for leadership gifts only;
  • Part 5 contains the information on how the employee wishes to make a donation and the relevant information needed for the various types of donation;
  • Part 6 contains the payroll information that compensation advisors need to start a payroll deduction, as well as the employee's signature. This removable portion will be sent to Compensation office by the campaign treasurer, only if an employee donates through payroll deduction. Compensation advisors should keep this section of the form in the employee's file. The employee's signature must be on the form, and the form must be dated.

For employees wishing payroll deductions, the applicable sections of the form must be completed, indicating the amount to be deducted per pay, as well as the five-digit identification number of the designated organization.

4.2.4. If an employee completes the gift form but only submits it after the campaign period, compensation advisors will be responsible for starting the deductions for the next possible pay period.

4.3. E-Pledge

4.3.1. In those departments and agencies participating in e-Pledge, employees using this option will be able to make a new donation, change an existing donation, track their history, and view or modify their profile through their specific organization's online registration page.

4.3.2. The departmental campaign directors will provide their employees with a link to their organization's registration page to access the NCR GCWCC e-Pledge website.

4.3.3. Once registered to access NCR GCWCC e-Pledge, employees may experience different processes depending on whether they are new or are returning users with the same contact information or returning users previously employed in another government department.

| 4.3.4. All changes to an employees pay will be made effective for the first pay in January 2015 [pay dated January 14, 2015] and will continue until the end of that year.

4.4. Campaign Director

| 4.4.1. Effective November 21, 2014, the departmental campaign director must ensure that all completed gift forms requesting payroll deductions are forwarded to the Compensation office, allowing sufficient lead time for the deductions to be commenced in the pay system for the first pay period in January 2015. This information will be processed through the Regional Pay System (RPS) on January 6, 2015.

4.4.2. Should an employee wish to contribute to more than two United Way charities by paper gift form, an additional gift form for each United Way charity must be properly completed, signed and dated, as described in Section 4.2. All completed forms for each employee must be attached together. Employees using e-Pledge can contribute to more than one United Way charity in the same session on the website.

4.4.3. Should an employee wish to increase a contribution after the original gift form has been submitted, a new gift form for the revised amount must be completed. The employee must indicate that the new form supersedes the previous one. Adjustments must not be made to any amounts already deducted.

4.4.4. The departmental campaign director is available to assist employees with e-Pledge instructions. Employees may also contact the United Way directly by phone at 613-228-5781 or by e-mail at

4.5. Compensation

4.5.1. Processing Gift Forms The Compensation offices will receive Part 6 of the gift form only if a payroll deduction is authorized. It should be verified that the box authorizing a payroll deduction has been marked and that the form has been signed and dated. To implement a pay transaction to commence deductions and to identify the charity or charities to which it is donated, compensation advisors will be required to review the form and input the following information using deduction code 790:

  • Employee's payroll identification;
  • The authorization of a payroll deduction for the specified amount per pay; and
  • The corresponding five-digit recipient organization identification number. These numbers must be correct on input to ensure that the funds will be remitted to the appropriate organization.

Refer to section for detailed transaction processing information.

The on-line pro forma feature described in ARCHIVED - CD 2001-016 and in the Generic Pro Forma Job Aid available on the Compensation Sector's Web page can be used to enter the transactions in the Regional Pay System (RPS). The Pro Forma was developed to allow input of multiple transactions in the RPS, thereby decreasing both the number of keystrokes and repetitive transactions required.

If the employees currently have a United Way, a Healthpartners or any other Canadian registered charity deduction on the Master Employee Record (MER), entering the deduction/entitlement (DEDENT) Code 790 on the "Pro Forma Selection" screen prior to the closeout date for pay period 26 will create a list of accounts. Only the missing information on each screen will need to be entered. If the Pro Forma screen is used after the closeout date for pay period 26, or if the accounts do not have one of the deductions mentioned above, the on-line pro forma cannot be used, because the deductions will not be on the MER and, therefore, the employee's name will not appear on the list.

After the list has been created, all of the accounts that currently have a 790 deduction code are displayed. The users select the "Deduction Commence" (DEC) transaction and the accounts that require a transaction. The users then save the DEC 790 transaction for the first account, with the correct "Effective from" and "Effective to" dates, the correct amount of the biweekly deduction and the correct contract number (same as payroll identification number). When the following account (second account) is displayed, all of the information is brought forward from the previous account, including the biweekly deduction. If the second transaction is to be created with all of the same information except that the deduction is for a different amount, that amount is to be changed and the transaction saved. When the next account is displayed (third account), it will bring forward all of the information from the previous account (second account). That third account can then be modified, if necessary, before saving the third transaction.

| First Account:
  • 0001 / 12 345 678 J SMITH 99 SVC SEQ: 0337/001234
  • DED CD: 790 EFF FR: 18 12 14 1 EFF TO: 16 12 15 2
    • RATE BASE: 7 RATE: 4.000
    • CONTRACT NUM: 01001 EMPL SHARE: .000
| Second Account:
  • 0001 / 12 345 678 J Doe 99 SVC CHR: 0337/001244
  • DED CD: 790 EFF FR: 18 12 14 1 EFF TO: 16 12 15 2
    • RATE BASE: 7 RATE: 2.000
    • CONTRACT NUM: 01001 EMPL SHARE: .000 Deductions Not a heading, to match all other 4-digit numbers.

| Deductions must be commenced for the first pay of January 2015 [pay dated January 14, 2015]. Deductions will continue for a maximum of one year, and the final deduction will be taken from cycle 2 regular pay, on December 30, 2015 [pay period of December 3 to 16, 2015]. The first two digits of the payroll identification numbers reflect the month in which the deductions will commence (e.g., 01 = January). The United Way identification numbers are listed in Annex B of this directive.

| The cut-off date for input for the GCWCC is the regular RPS close-out date for the first pay period in January 2015. Since the time frame for input will be relatively short, compensation advisors are encouraged to save the transactions ahead of time. The transactions can then be replaced after the year-end rollover. If an employeefails to return the gift form at the cut-off date for the GCWCC [January 6, 2015], compensation advisors will be responsible for making the deductions for the next possible pay period. The employee can request that any missed deductions be recovered over the remainder of the deduction period. Please note that, if the employee is donating by payroll deduction, Part 6 of the gift form is to be retained in the employees file.

4.5.2. Bulk Transfer for e-Pledge Donations At the conclusion of the campaign, compensation advisors benefit from the use of the e-pledge not having to input huge numbers of GCWCC Payroll transactions, but will have to follow up to correct error messages.

| On December 18, 2014, the United Way will complete a bulk transfer to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) of the payroll deduction information received from employees using the NCR GCWCC e-Pledge. This information will be processed through the Regional Pay System (RPS) on January 6, 2015.

It should be noted that the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (CFC) is not included in the bulk transfer. CFC will be processing its own GCWCC deductions separately. Any rejects or error messages from the RPS will then be forwarded to the appropriate department. Compensation advisors will have until the close-out date of the first pay period of January 2015 to complete their corrections. Should a compensation advisor be unable to correct a rejected GCWCC transaction before the close-out date, then the remaining deductions will need to be increased by the compensation advisor to compensate for any missed deduction amounts upon a written request from the employee. If the United Way receives an e-Pledge donation after the bulk input file is processed, compensation advisors will be responsible for making the deductions manually for the next possible pay period.

Bulk data transferred to the United Way from the departments and agencies participating in e-Pledge should be in spreadsheet format. Details regarding reject and error messages, as well as the corrective action to be taken, can be found in section PPIM 7-3-3-1 This link is available only to clients with access to Publiservice, GoC extranet. of the Personnel-Pay Input Manual (PPIM).

4.5.3. Employees who will be retiring and who will be receiving an annuity or an annual allowance may, if they wish, continue their charitable deduction for the remainder of the calendar year.

If the employee wishes to continue the deductions, compensation advisors should complete the form PWGSC-TPSGC 2386 This link is available only to clients with access to Publiservice, GoC extranet. - Part 1, Section C, to advise the Government of Canada Pension Centre. The following should be indicated on line 6 of the Deductions from Annuity or Annual Allowance form (PWGSC-TPSGC 1422):

  • The applicable organization identification number(s) in the column "Policy Account or Certificate No."
  • The appropriate amount for each recipient organization identification number in the column "Amount of Monthly Deduction from Annuity".

5. Leave Without Pay (LWOP) or Following Resignation or Retirement

5.1. Employees and former employees who wish to donate directly to the GCWCC while on leave without pay (LWOP), after their resignation or during their retirement, may forward their donations to the following address:

Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign
363 Coventry Road
Ottawa ON K1K 2C5
Telephone Number: 1-877-379-6070
Facsimile Number: 613-228-6730

Compensation advisors should ensure that the above information is reflected in the letter sent to employees at the time of their termination of employment or commencement of LWOP.

6. Inquiries

6.1. Any inquiries on the information contained in this directive should be addressed to your Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Compensation Services Office.

Original Signed by
Carrie E. Roussin

Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Reference(s): CJA-1065-3-1

Annex "A"

Table Summary

This table represents the Departmental Code for RPS (ACO, AHS, APT, ATN, AUD, BCO, CAJ, CDC, CES, CFC, CIC...)

List of RPS organizations with e-Pledge accounts
Departmental Code for RPS Title of Organization e-Pledge Start Year
ACO Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency 2012
AGR Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2012
AHS Public Health Agency of Canada 2014
ATN Canadian Transportation Agency 2013
AUD Office of the Auditor General of Canada 2013
BAL Library and Archives Canada 2014
BCO Canadian International Trade Tribunal 2012
BSF Canada Border Services Agency 2013
CAJ Courts Administration Service 2013
CAP Parks Canada 2013
CDC Canadian Dairy Commission 2013
CEO Elections Canada 2014
CES Canada School of Public Service 2013
CFC Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis of Canada 2012
CGC Canadian Grain Commission 2014
CIC Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat 2012
CLR Canada Industrial Relations Board 2012
COL Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages 2012
CPM Military Police Complaints Commission 2012
COP Copyright Board 2014
CRI Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2014
CSA Canadian Space Agency 2012
CSD Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Now ESDC) 2013
CSN Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 2013
CSW Status of Women 2012
DFO Fisheries and Oceans Canada 2013
DND National Defence 2014
DOE Environment Canada & Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 2013
DUS Industry Canada 2013
DVA Veterans Affairs Canada 2012
ENR National Energy Board 2014
ESN Office of the Senate Ethics Officer 2014
ESO Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario 2014
ETH Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner 2012
EXT Foreign Affairs, Trade and Dev. Canada (now DFATD) 2012
FCG Canadian Forces Grievance Board (Now - Military Grievances External Review Committee) 2012
FDC Telefilm Canada 2014
FIN Finance Canada 2013
FJA Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs 2013
FNA Financial Consumer Agency of Canada 2012
FRD Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Region of Québec 2014
GGS Office of the Secretary to the Governor General 2014
GSS Shared Services Canada 2013
GTR Registry of the Specific Claims Tribunal 2014
HOC House of Commons 2014
HRC Canadian Human Rights Commission 2012
IAN Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada 2013
ICA Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2013
IJC International Joint commission 2012
IMC Citizenship and Immigration 2013
INF Infrastructure Canada 2013
INT Public Sector Integrity Canada 2012
IPC Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada 2012
IRB Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada 2012
IRS Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission Secret. 2014
JUS Justice Canada 2014
LIB Library of Canada 2014
LOB Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada 2012
MOT Transport Canada (Communications/Corp. Services/HO/Policy/Programs/Safety and Security) 2012
MPA House of Commons (Members) 2014
NAR Canada Revenue Agency 2014
NBC National Battlefields Commission 2014
NED Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency 2012
NFB National Film Board 2014
NHW Health Canada 2014
NPB Parole Board of Canada 2012
NRC National Research Council of Canada 2014
NSE Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada 2013
OCC Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety  
OPC Privacy Commissioner of Canada 2012
PAA Atlantic Pilotage Authority 2014
PAL Laurentian Pilotage Authority 2014
PCH Canadian Heritage 2013
PCO Privy Council Office 2014
PEN Correctional Services Canada 2013
POL Canadian Polar Commission 2014
PPD Public Prosecution Service of Canada 2012
PRT Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal Canada 2012
PSC Public Service Commission 2013
PSP Public Safety Canada 2013
PTP Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 2012
PXR Patented Medicine Prices Review Board 2014
RCM Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2014
RCT Competition Tribunal 2012
RLT Public Service Labour Relations Boards 2012
RSN Natural Resources Canada 2013
RTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission 2013
SEN The Senate of Canada 2014
SIF Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions 2013
SIR Security Intelligence Review Committee 2014
SRT Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner 2014
SSH Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada 2013
STC Statistics Canada 2014
SUC Supreme Court of Canada 2014
SVC Public Works and Government Services Canada 2014
SYT Statistics Survey Operations 2014
TAT Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada 2012
TBD Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada 2012
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada 2012
TSD Public Service Staffing Tribunal 2012
WCO Western Economic Diversification Canada 2013

Annex "B"

Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign – 2014 United Way Names and Identification Numbers

All of Canada
  • 01350 United Way of Canada
  • 01555 Healthpartners
Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 01404 United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador
New Brunswick
  • 01005 United Way of Greater Saint John Inc.
  • 01016 United Way/Centraide (Central N.B.) Inc.
  • 01017 United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick Region Inc.
Prince Edward Island
  • 01015 United Way of Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
  • 01008 United Way of Cape Breton County
  • 01025 United Way of Halifax Region
  • 01034 United Way of Cumberland County
  • 01046 United Way of Colchester County
  • 01081 United Way of Pictou County
  • 01406 United Way of Lunenburg County
  • 01002 Centraide Outaouais
  • 01003 Centraide du Grand Montréal
  • 01022 Centraide Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches
  • 01052 Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska
  • 01060 Centraide Mauricie
  • 01083 Centraide Estrie (Conseil Régional de Bien-être de Sherbrooke)
  • 01084 Centraide Laurentides
  • 01085 Centraide KRTB-Côte-du-Sud
  • 01086 Centraide Centre-du-Québec Inc.
  • 01145 Centraide Haute-Côte-Nord/Manicouagan
  • 01149 Centraide Abitibi-Témiscamingue et Nord du Québec
  • 01152 Centraide Gatineau-Labelle
  • 01162 Centraide Duplessis Inc.
  • 01337 Centraide Lanaudière
  • 01343 Centraide Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Inc.
  • 01346 Centraide Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • 01347 Centraide Sud-Ouest du Québec
  • 01360 Centraide Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  • 01001 United Way Ottawa
  • 01010 United Way of Thunder Bay
  • 01011 United Way of Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie
  • 01018 United Way of Quinte
  • 01019 United Way of London and Middlesex
  • 01020 United Way of Sarnia-Lambton
  • 01021 United Way of St. Catharines and District
  • 01027 United Way of Greater Toronto
  • 01031 United Way of Brant
  • 01032 United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington
  • 01033 United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton
  • 01037 United Way of Sault Ste. Marie
  • 01038 United Way of Stormont, Dundas and Glengary
  • 01039 United Way of Chatham-Kent
  • 01040 United Way of Windsor-Essex County
  • 01041 United Way of Guelph and Wellington
  • 01044 United Way of South Niagara
  • 01045 United Way of Peterborough and District
  • 01047 United Way of Durham Region
  • 01051 United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area
  • 01058 United Way of Greater Simcoe County
  • 01059 United Way of Kirkland District
  • 01063 United Way of Peel Region
  • 01067 United Way of Oakville
  • 01068 United Way of Cochrane-Timiskaming
  • 01072 United Way of Oxford
  • 01073 United Way of Northumberland
  • 01074 United Way of Cambridge and North Dumfries
  •  01076 United Way of Renfrew County
  • 01078 United Way of Elgin-St. Thomas Services
  • 01087 United Way of South Georgian Bay
  • 01099 United Way of Ajax-Pickering-Uxbridge
  • 01120 United Way of Leeds and Grenville
  • 01121 United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes
  • 01123 United Way of Perth-Huron
  • 01155 United Way of Pas & District
  • 01322 United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk
  • 01336 United Way of York Region
  • 01344 United Way/Centraide Sudbury and Nipissing Districts
  • 01351 United Way of Milton
  • 01357 United Way of Halton Hills
  • 01359 United Way of Lanark County
  • 01400 Centraide-United Way Prescott-Russell
  • 01401 United Way of Bruce Grey
  • 01408 Toronto Areawide
  • 01014 The United Way of Winnipeg
  • 01042 United Way of Brandon and District Inc.
  • 01066 United Way of Morden and District
  • 01069 Portage Plains United Way
  • 01132 Winkler and District United Way
  • 01163 Carberry and North Cypress United Way
  • 01169 Neepawa and District United Way
  • 01403 Carman and Community United Way Incorporated
  • 01012 United Way of Regina
  • 01030 United Way of Saskatoon and Area
  • 01049 Weyburn and District United Way
  • 01056 United Way of Estevan
  • 01061 Swift Current United Way
  • 01075 Yorkton and District United Way
  • 01112 Elrose and District United Way
  • 01114 Eston United Way
  • 01330 Battlefords United Way Inc.
  • 01013 United Way of Alberta Capital Region
  • 01023 United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta Society
  • 01026 United Way of South Eastern Alberta
  • 01028 United Way of Central Alberta
  • 01036 United Way of Calgary and Area
  • 01134 United Way of Alberta Northwest Society
  • 01158 Lakeland United Way
  • 01165 United Way of Slave Lake Society
  • 01167 Lloydminster and District United Way
  • 01168 Hinton United Way
  • 01340 United Way of Fort McMurray
British Columbia
  • 01024 United Way of the Lower Mainland
  • 01029 United Way of Greater Victoria
  • 01043 United Way of Thompson, Nicola, Cariboo
  • 01048 Central and Northern Vancouver Island
  • 01050 United Way of the Central and South Okanagan/Similkameen
  • 01062 United Way of Trail and District
  • 01071 United Way of Cranbrook and Kimberley
  • 01077 United Way of Northern British Columbia
  • 01098 Cowichan United Way
  • 01103 United Way of North Okanagan Columbia Shuswap
  • 01139 Powell River and District United Way
  • 01153 United Way of The Fraser Valley
  • 01304 Castlegar District United Way
  • 01308 Comox Valley United Way
  • 01166 United Way Society of the Yukon
Northwest Territories
  • 01405 United Way of Northwest Territories
  • 01407 United Way of Nunavut - This code should only be used in the Nunavut region pay offices (POs) for Box 4 gifts (gifts to other Canadian registered charities) and nowhere else.

Information Notice to Employees

For the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign

The purpose of this notice is to provide you with information relative to the 2014 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC).

As last year, employees in participating departments and agencies who work in the National Capital Region (NCR) have the option of donating through e-Pledge, which is a website owned and maintained by the United Way Ottawa where employees can log in, update their donor profile, and donate to the GCWCC by credit card or by a payroll deduction. Pending national rollout, employees who work outside of the NCR and/or do not work in a participating organization must still use the "National GCWCC Gift Form".

If you are participating in e-Pledge, your Campaign Director will provide you with a link to the e-Pledge web site for your department or agency. If you choose not to use e-Pledge, you have the option of filling out a gift form, which your campaign director can provide to you.

| If you are choosing a payroll deduction for your GCWCC donation, your first deduction will be taken from the first pay in January 2015, [Pay dated January 14, 2015] and will continue until the last pay in December 2015 [pay dated December 30, 2015]. Your GCWCC payroll deductions will be reported in the charitable donations box of your 2015 tax slip (T4/Relevé 1).

Should you miss one or more deductions during the year, you may submit a written request to your compensation advisor to amend your deduction to an amount that will make up the difference in your yearly donation total.

If you wish to donate directly to the GCWCC while on leave without pay (LWOP), after resignation or upon your retirement, you may forward your donation to the following address:

Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign
363 Coventry Road
Ottawa ON K1K 2C5
Telephone Number: 1-877-379-6070
Facsimile Number: 613-228-6730