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PPIM 4-4-77

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To take deductions from a supplementary termination payment made to an employee.

COMPLETE MANDATORY fields (PWGSC-TPSGC 7340-1). SEE NOTES for explanation.

01 Mandatory.
02 Mandatory.
03 Mandatory.
04 Mandatory.

INPUT the employee's Personal Record Identifier (PRI). USE a leading zero to fill all nine spaces.

05 Mandatory.
06 Mandatory.


09 Mandatory.

INPUT the appropriate deduction code. REFER to Remark 1.

10 Mandatory.

INPUT the true EFFECTIVE FROM, AM/PM date. REFER to Remark 5.

11 Mandatory.

INPUT the EFFECTIVE TO, AM/PM date. REFER to Remark 5.

12 Mandatory.

INPUT Rate Base "0".

13 INPUT the employer share for deduction code 852, otherwise LEAVE blank.
14 Mandatory.

INPUT the amount of the deduction (must be a lump sum amount).

19 INPUT the departmental control number.
21 INPUT "SS" or LEAVE blank. REFER to Remark 4.
30 INPUT the contract or reference number, if required, left justify (up to 20 characters).
32 INPUT remarks as appropriate to clarify - or LEAVE blank. Note: INPUT the information in free form text (FFT) when working with the on-line pay system.

Note: A PAC 77 is to be used to collect deficiencies from a "leave - payment in lieu" or a termination entitlement payment. In addition, it is also to be used to report amounts transferred to a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) on termination allowances identified in Section PPIM 4-4-71-1. The account must be in "struck off strength" (SOS) status prior to the input of this pay action.



    All deductions codes can be input using a PAC 77 with the exception of the following:

    653 Employment Insurance - WL
    654 Employment Insurance Deficiency - WL
    655 Employment Insurance - NWL
    656 Employment Insurance Deficiency - NWL
    679 Dental Plan # 1 - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (OCC)
    680 Dental Plan # 1 - OCC - Arrears
    681 Judges Medicare - Current
    682 Judges Medicare - Arrears
    690 Alberta Health Care Plan
    692 Medical Services Plan of British-Columbia (B.C.)
    697 Dental Plan - Atlantic Pilotage Authority (PAA)
    703 Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)
    708 PSHCP Outside Canada
    713 PSHCP Outside Canada - Arrears
    718 Dental Plan # 2 - OCC
    719 Dental Plan # 2 - OCC - Arrears
    720 NCHCP - Management Category
    721 NCHCP - Management Category - Arrears
    854 PSHCP - Management Category
    855 PSHCP - Management Category - Arrears
    856 PSHCP Outside Canada - Management Category
    857 PSHCP Outside Canada - Management Category - Arrears
    864 Alberta Health Care Plan - Arrears
    866 Medical Services Plan of B.C. - Arrears
    872 PSHCP - Arrears
    955 Vacation Advance Recovery
    957 Interim Pay Recovery
    976 Public Service Dental Care Plan (PSDCP) - Quebec Taxable Benefit

    Amounts for deficiencies and deductions not collected are identified and provided by the pay office in free form text (FFT).


    Code 582 is used to report the amount to be transferred to an RRSP. This code must be input in conjunction with a termination entitlement payment, as identified in Section PPIM 4-4-71-1.

    Note: An RRSP payment is automatically produced for each RRSP deduction (code 582). The RRSP payment (generated code 120) is a supplementary cheque made to the employee's name with the following notation printed below the name: FOR DEPOSIT TO RRSP ACCOUNT ONLY.

  4. FIELD 21.

    If any deductions are collected from a "leave - payment in lieu" (code 029), this field is left BLANK. For all deductions collected from a termination entitlement payment identified in Section PPIM 4-4-71-1, "SS" should be input in this field. However, for deduction code 582 this field MUST ALWAYS BE "SS".

    Note: The RRSP amount reported under code 582 may be reduced if there are insufficient funds remaining after the collection of overpayments and deficiencies.


    • If the EFFECTIVE FROM date is prior to the PSSA 2 coming into force (CIF) pay period and the EFFECTIVE TO date is AFTER the PSSA 2 CIF pay period, the pay action must be split into two.

Last Update: April 2012