Phoenix pay system issues

Public Services and Procurement Canada is working tirelessly to resolve all pay issues as quickly as possible.


The March 2017 public service pay dashboard update is now available.

Services and information

Public service pay dashboard

Get monthly updates about Public Service Pay Centre activities and service standards.

Claim for out-of-pocket expenses

Submit a claim for out-of-pocket expenses caused by incomplete or inaccurate pay.

Year-end and tax slips for 2016

Understand how Phoenix-related issues may affect your 2016 tax slips.

Tax and repayment information for employees

Begin the process to repay overpayments you have received to avoid potential income tax implications.

What to do if you are having pay issues

Find out what to do if you are not getting paid or getting paid incorrectly.

Measures undertaken to address pay issues

Learn about the measures and steps we have taken to address employee pay system issues during the transition to the new pay system.

Privacy and the Phoenix pay system

Questions and answers related to employee personal information on the new pay system.

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