New integrated team

Since Phoenix was introduced and pay problems first emerged, we have focused on helping employees missing their pay. This work is not complete, and we continue to tackle the large number of pay transactions awaiting processing at the Public Service Pay Centre.

As this work progresses, we are also taking steps to make sure that the root causes of this situation are fixed so that our pay system works reliably, efficiently and accurately.

Right now, many of our current human resources, pay and finance processes and practices do not align with how Phoenix operates. For instance, Phoenix is designed to process current pay transactions, but this isn’t the way much of government operates. Often, acting assignments and other situations affecting pay have already started or finished when pay requests are processed in Phoenix. These “after‑the‑fact” transactions require time-consuming manual calculations, which means that employees wait longer for their pay.

Addressing these issues requires an end-to-end view of the pay system as well as collective efforts across government, including the employer (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat), the pay provider (Public Services and Procurement Canada) and the clients (departments).

To support this approach, the government has assembled a new integrated team led by Les Linklater, Associate Deputy Minister for Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Mr. Linklater’s team includes assistant deputy ministers from the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer and Public Services and Procurement Canada, as well as a dedicated project management office that will coordinate change management, project management, performance reporting and communications activities. The integrated team has hit the ground running and is currently developing an action plan that it expects to begin implementing this fall.

Mr. Linklater reports to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement and the President of the Treasury Board. He is supported and receives guidance from an interdepartmental committee of deputy ministers that is co-chaired by Public Services and Procurement Canada and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. In addition, he provides regular updates to the Working Group of Ministers on Achieving Steady State for the Pay System, announced earlier this year.

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