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The Public Service Pay Centre provides pay services to federal employees and managers from 46 departments and agencies. Learn about the services we offer and how to request a service from our trained compensation professionals.

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Who we serve

We provide pay services to 46 of the 99 federal departments and agencies. Some institutions manage pay internally. If your institution is not on the following list, you should contact your manager for help with pay-related issues.

Our services

We handle all aspects of pay and compensation for indeterminate, casual, term and student employees. This includes:

  • regular pay
  • hiring
  • acting pay
  • employment extensions
  • leave without pay
  • leave with income averaging
  • pre-retirement transition
  • termination

Some of our most common pay services include:

  • tracking your extra-duty pay
  • helping you use compensation web applications to access the Phoenix pay system
  • helping affected employees with their pay during workforce adjustment periods
  • performing payroll deductions for Canada Savings Bonds

Request service

Before contacting us, please consult our frequently asked questions and pay and changes in your life You may find the answers to your questions there.


If you have access to the internal government network, you may access many services through the Phoenix pay system. You may:

  • view pay stubs
  • view tax slips
  • change direct deposit details
  • enter extra-duty pay (overtime)
  • complete timesheet entry
  • modify your work schedule
  • enter leave without pay up to five days
  • enter voluntary deductions
  • change coverage to your Public Service Health Care Plan

Log in to Phoenix (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

By email, post or fax

For any pay service request, you need to fill out and submit a pay action request form (form 446-5E) to the Public Service Pay Centre.

As a manager, you need to complete a separate form for each employee or a bulk request for multiple employees with the same work or sub-work type.

Pay action request

By telephone

Call in to:

  • get a status update on your open case
  • speak with a compensation advisor or other expert for advice or information
  • report an urgent situation regarding missing or incorrect pay

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays), 7 am to 7 pm Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time

Tracking the status of your case

Once you have an open case with the Public Service Pay Centre, you may track its progress online using the Track myCASE web application:

Note: Access to the Government of Canada network

If you do not have access to the Government of Canada network, please inquire about your pay: Phoenix feedback form to request a status update.

Reference material for managers, human resources and finance

Information on the Phoenix pay system

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