Emergency salary advance

Emergency salary advance must only be issued to employees in the following situations:

  1. On initial appointment or re-appointment following a return from a leave without pay
  2. If a regular pay was not received

An emergency salary advance request must be associated with a letter of offer (since it is done on the initial appointment or re-appointment) or manager confirmation following a period of leave without pay or it will not be processed by the Pay Centre.

The amount is not to exceed 60% of the employee gross pay entitlement.

The emergency salary advance is to be recovered from the first salary payment covering the period the emergency salary advance was issued for. Under no circumstance can the emergency salary advance be recovered over an extended period.


Speak to their manager if they wish to request an emergency salary advance.

Note: Employees do not need to accept an emergency salary advance if offered.



Upon receipt of the requisition for payment form GC 80-1 from the Pay Centre:

Important: The GC 80-1 must be authenticated by a trusted source prior to sending to the Pay Centre.

Trusted source

Upon receipt of emergency salary advance request from the manager:

Note: Paper requests submitted directly by employees to Pay Centre, without any departmental signatory requirements are excluded from the trusted source scope.

Pay Centre

Upon receipt of the signed GC 80-1 from finance:

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