Canada Savings Bond

The Payroll Savings Program allows employees to contribute to a Canada Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Plan at their place of work through automatic payroll deductions via Canada Savings Bonds Online Services.

All departments and organizations now participate in the campaign through the Canada Savings Bonds online web site. Therefore, paper applications are no longer required.

Departmental campaign directors will provide their employees with an organization ID to access the web site. Employees must log in using the ID number of the department or organization through which they are being paid. Employees who have already used the web site will also require their client ID and password to access the site. Once logged in, employees must provide their current pay office and pay list numbers.

This information can be retrieved on your pay stub in Phoenix under field General: Department (pay list and departmental information).

All changes will be made effective the first pay in December.

Reference: Common Human Resources Business Process 4.01.01


Register online to the Government of Canada Savings Bonds website and following the step by step instructions located in the Employee How-to guide (English Only) found on the Government of Canada Savings Bonds website.

There are three different situations which may apply to the employee:

Pay Centre

Note:  The online process will automatically update the employee’s first pay of December.

Correcting errors

This may occur during the automatic transfer.

If errors occur:

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