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We are committed to providing quality, timely and accurate pay services to our clients.

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Timeliness of pay

We have aligned our service standards for timeliness of pay with the Treasury Board Secretariat’s Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment.

In 2014, the federal government adopted a payroll approach that issues employee payments 2 weeks in arrears.

Initial payment

The first payment, covering entitlements for the first pay period, should be available within 20 days after the Pay Centre receives the following documents:

  • oath of allegiance
  • provincial tax forms
  • employee questionnaire or departmental equivalent
  • direct deposit form
  • pay action request form

The following documents may be required for exceptions. Please consult the reference guide:

  • letter of offer
  • relevant forms for non-automated allowances

Final payment

Upon termination of employment, the last payment should be available within 20 working days of the struck-off-strength effective date.

Change in pay

To initiate a change in pay, the Pay Centre requires an authorizing document. Upon receipt of this document, the change in pay should take effect within 2 pay periods.

We will acknowledge inquiries made via the web or voicemail within 1 business day. We will respond to inquiries at the first point of contact where possible.

For inquiries requiring follow-up activity, the following service standards apply:

  • requests requiring research: 20 working days
  • requests requiring coordination with outside resources, or third parties: case by case

To facilitate our ability to respond to requests within the stated timeframes, please submit all the necessary documentation. Departments and agencies are responsible for ensuring that documentation is complete. Please include:

  • all mandatory documentation and signatures in the original request
  • the Public Service Pay Centre pay action request form
  • contact information for the individual making the request

Service feedback process

We value your feedback. It’s important to know what we’re doing right and in which areas our services could improve.

Once we receive your feedback, we will forward it to the appropriate Pay Centre representative. We will then contact you if follow-up is required.

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Get updates on Pay Centre progress

The monthly Pay Bulletin offers helpful information about the pay system, including updates for students and more.

You may also want to visit the Public Service Pay Centre update to access dashboards that visually depict our progress in completing pay-related transactions.

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