Transferring between departments

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The following material is intended to provide you with information about some of the common types of change in employment situations and the effects it will have on your employment.

What are the steps I need to take when I am transferring from one department to another within the public service?

Once you have signed the letter of offer with your new department, you should follow the following steps:

  • advise your former department’s manager
  • provide your new department manger with your signed letter of offer
  • provide your former department’s manager with a copy of the letter of offer
  • ensure all leave requests have been submitted to your former manager and approved prior to your departure
  • complete your departmental departure form (if applicable)
  • meet with your former department’s finance section to review any outstanding monies owing to your former department
How will the Pay Centre be notified that I have transferred in to the new department?

Your former department’s manager will forward a copy of the letter of offer to the human resources section within your former department. The human resource’s section will provide this information to the Pay Centre. In addition, the human resources section of your new department will provide the Pay Centre with pertinent information about your new employment. The Pay Centre will match the records and transfer your account to your new department.

What happens to my pay when I transfer?

You will continue to receive your pay from your former department until the transfer of your pay to your new department is complete.

How long will it take for me to be paid by the new department?

The transfer process can be complex and because the transfer process takes effect on the first pay of the month only, it may take several months before your pay is issued through your new department. It is therefore helpful if you can provide each of the departmental compensation sections or the Pay Centre with contact names from each department.

Will my pay file be transferred to the Pay Centre from my former department?

The human resources section from your former department will notify the records office of your transfer and your file will be forwarded to the Pay Centre in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

What should I do when I arrive at my new department?

If you have been provided with any documentation from your former department it will be important to provide it to your new Compensation section or to the Pay Centre if pay services are being provided by the Pay Centre in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Please note that the transfer process can be complex and it may take several months before your pay is issued through your new department.

Do I need to complete additional forms to initiate my pay with my new department?

There is no requirement to complete additional forms in order to initiate your pay with your new department as your pay will continue from your former department until the transfer takes effect. You should, however, update your address in PeopleSoft and provide the Pay Centre with any changes to your personal tax status if you are moving between provinces. The Pay Centre or the compensation section from your new department will automatically update your tax based on your province of work.

Will the same process apply if I am moving to a separate employer?

Movement to or from a separate employer organization is not treated the same as movement between two departments where treasury board is the employer. You should contact your departmental compensation section of your new organization for more information.

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