Understanding pay action request work types and sub-types

When completing a pay action request form, refer to this table that maps work types and sub-work types to pay events.

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Pay action request 446-5: Work types and sub-types

Work type: Benefits

  1. Blue Cross
  2. Dental Care Plan
  3. Disability insurance and long-term disability
  4. Major medical
  5. Other
  6. Pension plan
  7. Provincial medical
  8. Public Service Alliance of Canada Group Life insurance
  9. Public Service Health Care Plan: Exception
  10. Public Service Management Insurance Plan
  11. Supplementary death benefit

Work type: Change in employment

Change in employment Sub-type
  1. Acting: Exception
  2. Demotion
  3. Deployment: Exception
  4. Extension of term: Exception
  5. Promotion: Exception
  6. Reclassification
  7. Salary maintenance for executives
  8. Secondment or assignment or interchange: Exception
  9. Promotion to executive group or Minister’s exempt

Work type: Cheque

Cheque Sub-type
  1. Cash payments
  2. Departmental audit request
  3. Lost or stolen cheques

Work type: Communication with third parties

Communication with third parties Sub-type
  1. Communication with third parties
  2. For insurer use only

Work type: Debt to the Crown

Debt to the Crown Sub-type

Debt to the Crown

Work type: Deductions

Deductions Sub-type
  1. Additional tax
  2. Change to tax data
  3. Charitable donations
  4. Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs de Québec
  5. Objections to union dues
  6. One-time tax exemption
  7. Parking
  8. Union dues
  9. Voluntary self-service deductions: Exception

Work type: Direct deposit

Direct deposit Sub-type

Direct deposit: Exception

Work type: Emergency salary advance

Emergency salary advance Sub-type
  1. Recovery
  2. Request

Work type: Entitlements: Non-automated allowances

Entitlements: Non-automated allowances Sub-type
  1. Car allowance
  2. Commuting: Travel allowance
  3. Dangerous goods allowance
  4. Department: Classification group specific allowance
  5. Education Allowance
  6. Employment Insurance and Quebec Parental Insurance Plan related maternity payment
  7. Environment allowance
  8. Foreign services
  9. Isolated post allowance
  10. Long-service award
  11. Membership fees
  12. Rent allowance
  13. Vacation travel allowance
  14. Sea duty allowance

Work type: Extra duty pay

Extra duty pay Sub-type
  1. Compensatory leave
  2. Late

Work type: Grievance support

Grievance support Sub-type

Grievance support

Work type: Leave

Leave Sub-type
  1. Disability insurance and long-term disability claims form
  2. Insurance approved rehab: Commence gradual return to work
  3. Insurance approved rehab: Earnings request
  4. Insurance approved rehab: Return to full-time hours
  5. Leave with income averaging
  6. Leave with pay
  7. Leave without pay greater than 5 days: Other
  8. Leave without pay less than or equal to 5 days: Late
  9. Liquidate leave (voluntary): Government of Canada Human Resources Management System departments only
  10. Maternity or Paternity: Leave with out pay greater than 5 days
  11. Pre-retirement leave
  12. Return from leave without pay
  13. Self-funded Leave
  14. Workers Compensation Board: Application and earnings requests
  15. Workers Compensation Board: Leave with out pay (230)
  16. Workers Compensation Board: Paid leave (220-660)
  17. Workers Compensation Board: Return from leave with out pay

Work type: New hire

New hire Sub-type
  1. Exception
  2. Hire to executive group or Minister’s exempt
  3. Standard
  4. Student

Work type: Performance

Performance Sub-type
  1. Denial of increment
  2. Performance pay transactions: EX

Work type: Recovery of overpayments

Recovery of overpayments Sub-type

Recovery of overpayments

Work type: Rehire

Rehire Sub-type
  1. Exception
  2. Standard
  3. Student rehire

Work type: Review of pay file

Review of pay file Sub-type

Review of pay file

Work type: Tax Slips: T4 and Records of Employment

Tax Slips: T4 and Records of Employment Sub-type
  1. Record of Employment
  2. T4, Relevé 1 and Relevé 2: Amendements

Work type: Termination

Termination Sub-type
  1. Discharged or released for cause
  2. Medical retirement
  3. Resignation
  4. Retirement
  5. Severance pay
  6. Termination
  7. Termination: Death in service
  8. Workforce adjustment

Work type: Timesheets

Timesheets Sub-type
  1. Timesheets: Late
  2. Teacher: Educator pay

Work type: Transfer

Transfer Sub-type
  1. Transfer-in: Exception
  2. Transfer-out

Pay action request 446-6: Work types and sub-types

Work type: Bulk

Bulk Sub-type
  1. Actings: Exception
  2. Classification conversion
  3. Commuting: Travel allowance
  4. Extra duty pay: Compensatory
  5. Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign
  6. Isolated Posts and Government Housing
  7. Liquidate leave (mandatory): Government of Canada Human Resources Management System departments only
  8. New hire
  9. Non-automated allowances
  10. Performance pay
  11. Rehire
  12. Teacher: Educator pay (Timesheets)
  13. Timesheets: Late (Phoenix-bulk)
  14. Vacation travel assistance
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