Security, Corporate and Information Services

A. Key Services

We deliver security services to federal government departments, Canadian industry and foreign governments. We provide program management support to departments and agencies that use common administrative systems, as well as human resources services. We also offer a suite of document imaging services for departments and agencies that rely on paper-based processing.

Security Services

Contract Security

Screening Services for Contract Security

  • Providing government departments and PWGSC Acquisitions Branch security clauses for government contracts based on their Security Requirements Check Lists (SRCLs)
  • Registering Canadian private sector organizations that require access to protected and classified information, within the Contract Security Program
  • Personnel security screening for employees of registered organizations who require access to protected and classified information
  • Inspections of registered organizations, as required

The Contract Security Program supports government contracting:

  • 6,000 SRCLs are reviewed annually
  • Close to 2,000 organizations are registered annually
  • Over 100,000 personnel screening security requests are processed annually
  • Approximately 2,000 inspections are conducted annually

Integrity Framework - Integrity Database Services

  • Protecting the integrity of procurement and real property transactions managed by PWGSC by ensuring that these transactions are carried out free from the influence of corruption, collusion and fraud and that the Government of Canada does not inadvertently support suppliers involved in such illegal activities
  • Assisting other government departments (OGDs) seeking to apply PWGSC's integrity provisions to their solicitations and contracts by providing Integrity Database Services under PWGSC's Integrity Framework to verify supplier information, confirm supplier eligibility and ensure compliance with Integrity provisions
  • Supplier integrity verifications for procurement transactions pre-contract award
    • Conducting integrity verifications on the names of suppliers, members of their boards of directors and affiliates to confirm supplier eligibility and to determine if they are in compliance with integrity provisions
  • Monitoring suppliers throughout the contract cycle
    • Continued monitoring of all awarded contracts and notice to the OGD if a new conviction or absolute/conditional discharge is found
    • Additional due diligence monitoring, most notably in cases where companies have been charged, are under investigation or have publically admitted to unethical business practices

Client Relationship Management

  • Effective engagement
  • Reliable communications
  • Monitoring client satisfaction
  • Issues management
  • Strategic planning and service agreements
  • Program oversight

Corporate and Information Services

Common Administrative Systems and Human Resources Services

  • Centre for development and support to four government clusters representing over 100 departments and agencies in the implementation of HR, financial management and material management systems for common application across government, such as PeopleSoft v9.1 (My GC HR) and SAP
  • Innovative solutions and enhancements of administrative systems for departments and agencies, such as:
    • GCDOCS
    • Migration of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to PeopleSoft 9.1
    • Shared Case Management System (SCMS)
  • Strategic and operational human resources services in areas such as resourcing, compensation, classification, workforce adjustment, performance management and labour relations

Document Imaging Services PRIORITY SERVICE!

  • Digitization of paper records or images onto a secure file format
  • Indexation, classification, extraction, and archiving of data using automated software
  • Data accessed through the client's existing IT systems or hosted on a secure web portal
  • Instant access to the information through desktop PCs
  • Better decision making, increased office productivity; improved call centre service levels; substitution of costly storage areas for productive office space
  • Certified: ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, Canada General Standards Board CAN/CGSB-72.34-2005 for electronic records and CAN/CGSB-72.11-93 for microfilm and electronic Images

Publication Services

  • Electronic access to Government of Canada publications
    • Ensuring that Canadians and Members of Parliament have free and easy access to e-publications produced by the Government of Canada
    • Ensuring the website is up and running 95% of the time
    • Provide reference service for GC publications
  • Editing and Publishing Services for the Canada Gazette
    • Providing clients with assistance and expert advice related to publishing regulations and notices in the Canada Gazette
    • Holding meetings with clients on a case-by-case basis to help them improve the quality of their notices
    • Ensuring all legislated deadlines are met for the publication of laws, regulations and other statutory instruments

B. Featured Initiatives

We are transforming and creating new services to better meet our clients' needs and ensure effective stewardship on behalf of Canadians.

Integrity Database Services NEW!

PWGSC assists OGDs seeking to apply PWGSC's integrity provisions within their procurement regimes by providing supplier integrity verifications to confirm contract award eligibility and to determine if suppliers are in compliance with the integrity provisions.


  • Provides assurances that transactions entered into are with suppliers who respect the law and act with integrity.
  • Offers a quick response (two hours or less if no match exists; 30 minutes for urgent requests).
  • Facilitates post-contract monitoring.
  • Enables increased due diligence regarding suppliers.
  • Increases consistency in the treatment of suppliers across the GC.
  • Ensures minimal risk of inaccurate results as complex cases are conducted on a case-by-case basis.

C. What's coming

Industrial Security

The Industrial Security Call Centre will be implementing a new Call Centre phone system in 2014.

  • The new system will enable agents to respond to inquiries more efficiently, thus improving response time for clients.
  • The enhanced reporting capability will provide valuable data, which leads to improved client service.

The Industrial Security Outreach Division will implement new and enhanced strategies to target its industry clients in order to broaden its reach and respond to clients' needs and inquiries regarding the Controlled Goods Program and the Contract Security Program.

  • Increased program exposure to help expand clients' knowledge of the programs, which results in improved client service.

Integrity Database Service Web Portal

Integrity Database Services is currently developing a secure web portal whereby OGDs can submit requests and have the ability to review query results from an automated search of the database.

  • Ability to view all sent requests and their status.
  • Addition of a “favourites" list, eliminating the need to re-enter tombstone data for the same company each time - only contract details will be required.
  • Securely controlled access to prevent any unauthorized users.
  • Communications portal between the end user and database staff - all communication will be logged.
  • Communication by email eliminated, reducing the impact on the email system.
  • Reduction of the administrative burden and the time spent responding to simple queries where a match does not occur between a query and the list of offences.
  • This will allow efforts to be more focused on the complex cases.


GCDOCS is the evolution of the Records Document and Information Management System (RDIMS) - an Electronic Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS). Roll out has already started with early adopter departments and is expected to continue over the next few years.

  • Part of the Government of Canada's Open Government initiative.
  • Consistent record keeping and management of electronic information across the public service.
  • Easier for public servants to find what they're looking for and, in turn, help Canadians access information on programs and services more efficiently.

Shared Case Management Service (SCMS)

A key new initiative that will enable an organization or person to manage, track and control activities, tasks and workflow processes. Expected to begin roll out in 2015-2016.

  • Aligned with the Government of Canada's IT modernization strategy.
  • Integrated with other GC standard corporate systems - will be a value-added hub, centralizing information for the user.
  • Easier for departments to focus on their core mandate and to deliver programs and services more efficiently to Canadians.

My Government of Canada Human Resources (My GC HR)

The My GC HR program of PWGSC is developing a single HR standard solution that will be used by all federal organizations, to support the delivery of common HR services to all public servants. This initiative is part of the HR Modernization vision to enhance the efficiency of HR service delivery while taking advantage of economies of scale through the standardization and consolidation of HR processes and systems.

Two pilot organizations (Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research) successfully on-boarded in April 2014. Over the next three years, the My GC HR program will coordinate the transition of all departments and agencies from their existing departmental HR applications to the single GC instance of PeopleSoft. In addition, the program will offer a suite of common HR services to meet the provisional needs of departments and agencies looking to offer these services in a cost effective manner.

  • Canadians receive better value for the taxpayer dollar with respect to the delivery of HR services for the federal public service by consolidating over 40 HR solutions to a central standard.
  • Departments receive improved tools to enable HR practitioners to offer higher value advisory services at a reduced operational cost.
  • To Employees/Managers - Accessible self-service / Common enterprise service provision.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Replacement Project

A single instance HR system solution (PeopleSoft 9.1) has been launched to support small departments and agencies (SDAs). It is anticipated that 31 SDAs will on-board to PeopleSoft 9.1 by the end of fiscal year 2015-2016.

  • Adapted to the operational realities and needs of small departments and agencies.
  • Aligned with other related government transformation initiatives, to standardize, rationalize and consolidate administrative back office systems.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) Feed Updates on All Content Published in the Canada Gazette, Part I and Part II.

Rich Site Summary subscription allows you to be automatically updated when a news flash comes out. Additional RSS categories are to be added so that Canadians will have the opportunity to receive instant updates whenever any type of document is published in the Canada Gazette, Part I and Part II. Expected to be rolled out by the end of the summer 2014.

  • Makes it easier for users of the Canada Gazette website to keep up to date on legal notices and proposed regulations published in Part I and official regulations published in Part II.

Document Imaging Services

Document Imaging Services is leveraging its expertise to create a Centre of Expertise that will provide document imaging services to the federal government on a managed service basis using the private sector.

  • Reliable and sustainable document imaging services that comply with the federal government’s information management, security, and privacy policies
  • Optimal cost owing to volume discounts.
  • Accessible, timely services, avoiding up to eight months of activities and cost in each department or agency to pursue each individual contract.
  • Evolution of solutions in tandem with GCDOCS Enterprise Solutions.

D. Ensuring value for money

PWGSC's collaborative approach with its shared services results in efficiencies and value for money by:

  • Eliminating duplication across government;
  • Standardizing operational services and systems across government;
  • Streamlining internal service operations;
  • Producing economies of scale through the sharing of common functionalities, expertise and resources; and
  • Transitioning publications to an exclusively electronic format.

PWGSC's Integrity Database Services

  • Provides a solution and necessary tool, as PWGSC and the GC at large had limited ability to validate the supplier certification.
  • Increases procurement process efficiency for OGDs that seek supplier integrity verifications and avoids the duplicated effort of recreating new databases by leveraging PWGSC's existing database and services. 
  • Saves time and effort required to cancel a contract or lease and re-start a bidding process should they become aware of a conviction after the fact.

E. Service Standards, Results and Targets

We have achieved or surpassed 4 of our 9 targets for security, corporate and information services.

For our industrial security services, we will closely monitor the volume of business and the type of requests in 2014-2015. We are also combining two service standards into one with a higher target and making another one more challenging to better serve you.

For our corporate and information services, we are adding three service standards related to the accuracy and accessibility of our services to better address all major determinants of client satisfaction such as timeliness, accuracy/quality, accessibility, and price/cost.

Table Summary

The Table on Service Standards, Results and Targets for the Security, Corporate and Information Services service category shows service targets and results for 2013-2014, and service targets for 2014-2015 for the following categories of services: Industrial security services - including Security Clearance Issuance; Industrial Security Call Centre - and Corporate and Information Services - including Common Administrative Systems and Human Resources and Document Imaging. The table also indicates if the results are available by client and shows the results of Industry Benchmark if they are available in 2013-2014.

Security, Corporate and Information Services Target
Available by Client Target
Security Clearance Issuance
Provide a response to each Simple Reliability clearance request within 7 business days, upon receipt of a properly completed request 85% 68%   85%
Provide a response to each Complex Reliability clearance request within 120 business days, upon receipt of a properly completed request 85% 93%Indicates that the target was met or surpassed   85%
Provide a response to each Classified Secret clearance request within 75 business days, upon receipt of a properly completed request and documentation or information from third parties, and provided that a Complex Reliability clearance has already been granted 80% 62%   80%
Industrial Security Call Centre
Respond/refer inquiries within 2 business days 90% 71%   90%
Integrity Database Services
Complete 80% of verification checks within two hours NEW! n/a n/a   80%
Common Administrative Systems and Human Resources
Deliver on key cluster commitments on time, on scope and on budget based on annual cluster plans and confirmation of funding. 95% 95%Indicates that the target was met or surpassed
(by cluster)
Shared Human Resources Services (SHRS) will deliver timely compensation services 90% 93%Indicates that the target was met or surpassed 90%
Document Imaging
Document Imaging costs per page reduced by 10% (annual) 100% 100%Indicates that the target was met or surpassed   100%
Canada Gazette
Achieve 99% of editing accuracy (of documents published in Parts I/II of the Canada Gazette) NEW! n/a n/a   99%
Publishing and Depository Services
Provide accessibility to 24/7 NEW! n/a n/a   95%

Indicates that the target was met or surpassedIndicates that the target was met or surpassed.
Indicates that the target has increased or the result has improved from the previous yearIndicates that the target has increased or the result has improved from the previous year.

If you would like to have the service standard results for your department where the information is available (please refer to tables above), feel free to contact us at

We take our commitments on service standards very seriously. If you have any concerns related to your service standards or suggestions on how we can improve our services, feel free to contact us at

F. Addressing shortcomings and client issues to increase satisfaction

Example 1: Addressing shortcomings

PWGSC experienced challenges in meeting client service standards for its industrial security services but is committed to improving its client service. Service standards for PWGSC's personnel screening services and its Industrial Security Call Centre were not met in 2013-14 due to factors, including an increase in business volumes as well as challenges with capacity. To address these issues, additional resources were engaged and new phone system is being implemented. Finally, we increased outreach and education activities to industry as well as project and contract authorities to facilitate the timely and accurate submission of security screening forms.

Example 2: Common Administrative Systems and Human Resources Services CLIENT-CENTRIC!

Historically, the Shared Services Integration (SSI) sector's Strategic Client Relations team provided strategic communications and governance support to cluster communities in order to ensure clients were well supported and had access to services through a single point of contact. However, SSI needed to incorporate an increased level of support to clients accompanying its role as a key stakeholder in transforming back-office systems in the Government of Canada (GC).

In particular, the Strategic Client Relations team has stepped up to deliver communication services, coordination services, effective governance and strategic support in a much more horizontal fashion. This level of support is paramount for clients to be successful in undertaking large-scale changes to comply with the GC transformation agenda.

The Strategic Client Relations team adopted a horizontal approach not only to engage cluster communities, but also to support the transformational areas (such as My GC HR) to which existing clients are transitioning. By both engaging communities through regular communications including one-on-one meetings and collaborating with the sector's various partners and stakeholders, the Strategic Client Relations team can more effectively identify and appropriately address issues or concerns and bring forward a strategic advantage to achieving success in these transition projects.

Example 3: Publication Services with Environment Canada CLIENT-CENTRIC!

In the case of Environment Canada, PWGSC actively explored ways of improving the ongoing collaboration for the publication of the often numerous and voluminous regulatory packages in Part I and Part II of the Canada Gazette. In order for PWGSC to remain responsive to the needs of Environment Canada, it was agreed that Environment Canada would prepare a three-month forecast containing the regulatory initiatives that it was planning to publish in the Canada Gazette, along with a list of the targeted publication dates and number of pages for each document. This tool greatly improved PWGSC's ability to adequately plan for Environment Canada's large publications and meet its needs.

G. How satisfied are you?

Common Administrative Systems and Human Resources Services

SSI diligently tracks and measures client satisfaction in the following two key areas:

  • 88% of clients satisfied overall with shared human resources services provided (2013-2014)
  • 75% of clients satisfied overall with system cluster services provided (2013-2014)

Publication Services

The Strategic Counsel conducted a client satisfaction survey on behalf of PWGSC's Canada Gazette Directorate in 2011. The responses of clients who had published notices in the Canada Gazette revealed that the Gazette has an extremely high rating of 95% for overall satisfaction with the service clients received. Across more specific dimensions of service (e.g. professionalism, courteousness and competence of staff), ratings ranged from 85% to 96%.

H. To learn more about Our Security, Corporate and Information Services