Message from the Deputy Minister and the Associate Deputy Minister

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George Da Pont
George Da Pont
Deputy Minister, PWGSC

Gavin Liddy
Gavin Liddy
Associate Deputy Minister,

We are pleased to present the fifth annual edition of Our Services, Standards and Results 2015-2016. As the Government of Canada's largest provider of common services, we lead by example in ensuring service excellence. It is our mission to deliver high-quality services and programs that cater to the needs of federal organizations and ensure sound stewardship on behalf of Canadians.

Publishing our service standards and reporting on the results of our performance against these standards are important components of our renewed Client Service Strategy. To better serve our clients, this fiscal year the publication was released months earlier than previous years. In fact, the next standards will be published in April 2016 at the beginning of 2016-2017. Results will be published next in June 2016, closer to the end of 2015-2016.

By ensuring that its service standards are relevant and address key determinants of client satisfaction such as timeliness, accuracy or quality, ease of access, and price or value for money, our Department supports the Government of Canada’s priorities, PWGSC’s vision to excel in government operations as well as our three departmental priorities: Service Excellence; Innovation and Modernization; and Value for Money.

We are continuing to transform and create new services that are cost-effective, benefiting our clients and the whole of government, and are leveraging the Treasury Board Secretariat Policy on Service and Destination 2020 actions to help shape the PWGSC of today and tomorrow, and meet your evolving needs. In addition, we are creating a multi-year Departmental Service Management Plan to establish a coherent, client-centric, and strategic approach to the design and delivery of our external and internal services that realizes operational efficiencies and promotes a culture of service management excellence.

This publication features:

  • Information on key services PWGSC offers to the client, including our priority services;
  • Initiatives PWGSC is taking to transform the services it delivers and to innovate, such as:
    • E-enabling services to improve accessibility and convenience,
    • Lean Management – A client-focused approach to streamline processes and maximize value added;
  • Information on value for money, showing our focus on operational efficiency and savings to our clients and the Government;
  • Revised service standards and targets for 2015-2016 that focus on client needs, including standards and targets for our priority services;
  • Industry benchmarks where appropriate;
  • Concrete examples of how PWGSC addressed client issues to increase satisfaction whenever there were shortcomings;
  • Data on client satisfaction; and,
  • Many more features reflecting the three principles of the Treasury Board Secretariat Policy on Service: client-centric service, operational efficiency, and culture of service management excellence.

In this issue, you will also find: New!

  • 2014-2015 results for each service area;
  • Mechanisms to request results for service standards by client department, in the interests of openness and transparency; and
  • A link to real-time performance information for our translation services.

We thank you for your continued partnership and support in the management of government operations. We look forward to another great year of working together in order to meet your needs! Rest assured that our efforts to clarify expectations will continue.

Deputy Minister and Deputy Receiver General for Canada
George Da Pont

Associate Deputy Minister
Gavin Liddy

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