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Client Service Forum on key themes and targets will take place again soon in November 2015. Stay tuned!

Service standards continue to be better aligned with determinants of client satisfaction – measuring what really matters to our clients. While continuing to improve timeliness, this year we’ve set more standards related to accessibility, accuracy/quality and cost!

Renewed Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Client Service Strategy – renewing our commitment to service excellence by focusing on our clients’ emerging priorities.

PWGSC is optimizing its service delivery processes using Lean Management principles – striving to improve our service standards, reduce costs, tighten timelines, and improve usability and service channels.

PWGSC is striving to e-enable its services in the coming years to reduce costs and increase user convenience. Stay tuned!

The Service Agreement between Community of Federal Agencies on behalf of Small Departments and Agencies (SDAs) and Public Works and Government Services Canada is being renewed for a period of three years, 2015-2018 - facilitating an effective and efficient collaboration between SDAs and PWGSC.

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