Payments and Pensions

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A. Key services

We ensure that current and retired federal government employees receive their payments, and we manage the government's bank accounts by negotiating banking arrangements for the issuance of payments and the collection of revenue.

Pay and Benefits

  • Online self-service tools, viewing pay stub/tax slips, and changing insurance coverage
  • Timely and accurate payments for employees PRIORITY SERVICE!
  • Pay advisory support for complex pay issues
  • Classroom and online training sessions on pay and insurance
  • Standardized and efficient pay administration services provided by the Public Service Pay Centre in Miramichi, N.B.


  • Standardized and efficient pension administration services per the Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act (RCMPSA) members provided by the Government of Canada Pension Centre in Shediac, N.B.
    • Process pension benefit payments for departing employees and annuitants PRIORITY SERVICE!
    • Provide pension related estimates and information for employees and pensioners
    • Answer queries and provide advice and guidance about pension entitlements
  • Efficient pension and benefits administration services for the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA) provided by the Specialized Services Division within the Pension Services Directorate, Compensation Sector on behalf of the Department of National Defence
    • Process Canadian Armed Forces retired members' pension benefit payments and answer queries
    • Provide basic information on benefits and pension options
  • Efficient pension and benefits administration services to the Members of Parliament for the Members of Parliament Retiring Act provided by the Pension Services Directorate, Compensation Sector on behalf of the House of Commons
    • Provide pension related estimates and information for employees and pensioners
    • Process pension benefit payments for Members of Parliament 
    • Answer queries and provide advice and guidance about pension entitlements

Receiver General Services

  • Expert central accounting and reporting advice on the accounts of Canada and the production of the Public Accounts of Canada
  • Processing of payments to and from government
  • Management of the government's central treasury and accounting systems
  • Management and implementation of banking arrangements
  • Authentication of government payments, fraud detection and cheque enquiry services

B. Featured Initiatives

Pay and Pension services to Members of Parliament (MPs) will be modernized and aligned with new legislated requirements. The existing pension solution will be leveraged to support the payment functions for retired MPs. The existing processes will be strengthened consistent with existing pension service delivery models.

We are transforming and creating new services to better meet our clients' needs and ensure effective stewardship on behalf of Canadians.

Pay Transformation

The Transformation of Pay Administration Initiative comprises two projects: Pay Modernization Project and Consolidation of Pay Services Project.

Pay Modernization involves replacing the 40-year-old Regional Pay System with a modern, commercial, off-the-shelf pay system and streamlined business processes based on industry standards by 2015-2016. The new pay system (Phoenix) is scheduled to be implemented in 2015 with one release and three roll-outs (July, October and December 2015).

Consolidation of Pay Services involves gradually transferring pay administration services of departments using the Government of Canada Human Resources Management System (PeopleSoft) to the Public Service Pay Centre in Miramichi, N.B. The Pay Centre will administer pay for 184,000 employees in 46 departments once Phoenix is fully implemented.


  • Modern, consistent, timely, and cost-effective pay services across the Government of Canada.
  • Seamless integration with the Government of Canada Human Resources (HR) System.
  • Streamlined business processes, increased automation and new self-service tools for employees and managers.

Pension Transformation

Transformation of Pension Administration Initiative.

  • Leveraging the new pension solution to support multiple pension plans in order to decrease the cost of pension administration while improving client service and increasing alignment to common Government of Canada service standards and processes
  • Completed the migration of the administration of Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension plan to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) in July 2014
  • Continue the migration of the administration of Canadian Armed Forces pension plans by 2016, and continue the establishment of a PWGSC pension centre satellite office in the National Capital Area


  • Standardized and efficient pension administration services provided to all pension plan members.
  • Modern and timely pension administration services to employees, pensioners and federal government departments and agencies.
  • Immediate and consistent advice on pension matters with direct access to customer service representatives - thanks to streamlined business processes, increased automation and new self-service tools like pension calculators.

Paperless Compensation Products for Employees and Pensioners

PWGSC continuously strives to reduce the amount of paper used in its compensation operations. Online options have been developed for pensioners and employees, including the use of epost for pensioners and their survivors/dependents and those who do not have access to the government network.


  • Reduced paper production and associated costs.
  • Convenient access to online tools providing flexibility for employees and pensioners.

Receiver General Transformation

Receiver General Modernization

The Receiver General (RG) will continue the Modernization Initiative to review treasury and accounting delivery and its supporting business and information technology (IT) systems. The aim is to maintain the integrity and sustainability of critical government-wide treasury and accounting functions, and improve the services offered to federal departments and ultimately Canadians.

This year's focus will be on establishing a Transformation Roadmap and engaging with stakeholders to ensure that it aligns to: departmental service excellence agenda; the GC’s vision for Financial Management Transformation, as well as industry trends in treasury accounting and reporting. Other activities include: a Lean Management process review; fostering Open Government through increasing accessibility to government-wide accounting and treasury information; and partnering with the Office of the Comptroller General to review the current suite of central systems and the RG Control Framework to determine future needs and to achieve innovative solutions for a range of RG functions including central accounting and reporting, payment issuance and revenue collection.

Direct Deposit Initiative

Receiver General payments made on behalf of the Government of Canada (e.g. Employment Insurance payments, income tax refunds, Government of Canada pay and pension cheques) that are currently issued as cheques are being transitioned to direct deposit. Direct deposit is increasingly becoming a preferred method for issuing payments.


  • In comparison to cheques, direct deposit is more cost-effective, convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • The Initiative supports the swift and secure evolution to a modern digital payments system.

C. What's coming

PWGSC (Compensation Sector) is developing an innovative e-services and web services strategy to provide both active and retired members access to their personal information online with the ability to update their information through secure tools (including through mobile apps). From year to year, PWGSC strives to increase the number of e-enabled services it offers, in alignment with the Policy on Service. 

Implementing a New Business Model at the Pay Centre NEW!

In an effort to increase and streamline pay processing and prepare for the arrival of the new pay system, the Public Service Pay Centre is implementing a Tiered Business Model, whereby workload will be distributed based on complexity and volume. In addition, incoming client calls will now be handled in one centralized contact centre, allowing compensation advisors to concentrate on service delivery over the phone while others continue processing the workload without interruption. These and many other changes, including the introduction of the new pay system Phoenix, will ensure that the Pay Centre continues to meet service standards while growing to over 184,000 client accounts by December 2015.

Migration to Imaging Services for Pay Centre

The Public Service Pay Centre will continue to monitor and measure its service performance to achieve service standard targets for each wave of compensation advisor training. The Pay Centre will reduce dependency on paper with the migration to imaging services and the adoption of its new modernized and consolidated service delivery model, and will continue ongoing engagement and communication activities with client departments that they service.

New Direct Deposit Strategy

Building upon the activities which were completed in 2014-2015, the Receiver General will continue to seek to increase direct deposit rates with the partnerships established with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).  2015-2016 will be a critical year for CRA’s auto-conversion activity aimed at reducing cheque volumes by up to 4.7 million cheques NEW!

In addition, we are hopeful that ESDC will conduct a similar activity to reduce the cheque volumes of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) payments specifically.  In 2015-2016 we will continue the work required to move forward the initiative of direct deposit information sharing between federal departments towards a whole-of-government approach.  The direct deposit team will continue as part of its regular activities to continue to engage all departments, as well as financial institutions and national associations such as the Canadian Federation of Independent Business in support of the direct deposit initiative, which will greatly decrease costs. 

D. Ensuring Value for Money

The provision of payments and pensions services is operationally efficient, a key principle of the Policy on Service. Our services are cost effective and we are constantly looking for new possibilities of the standardization of our services. Ways we deliver services ensuring value for money include:

  • E-enabling services to reduce costs and increase user convenience
  • Cost-effective pay services across the Government of Canada resulting in annual savings from efficiencies in pay administration of $78.1 million, starting in 2016-2017 with the implementation of the Transformation of Pay Administration Initiative government-wide
  • Cost-effective pension administration services to employees, pensioners and federal government departments and agencies resulting in $29 million in annual efficiencies
  • Reduced paper production and associated costs from paperless compensation products

E. Service Standards and Results

In 2014-2015, we have met or surpassed 10 of our 11 targets for payments and pensions services. We are committed to continuously improving service, addressing shortcomings, and meeting client expectations. We have implemented a new Service Delivery Model that includes specialized service teams and a dedicated contact centre, and the introduction of a new Pay Action Request form to facilitate workload transfer to the Pay Centre.

In 2015-2016, we will continue striving to deliver excellent customer service, and always looking for new ways to make your experience with us even better. Below are the standards that we’ve set for ourselves, to make sure that we are achieving our goal.

Table Summary

The Table on Service Standards and Targets for the Payments and Pensions service category shows service targets for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 for the following services: Federal Pay and Benefits Administration; Federal Pension Administration; and Receiver General Services.

Payments and Pensions Target 2014-2015 Results 2014-2015 Target 2015-2016
Federal Pay and Benefits Administration
Upon receipt of completed documentation from compensation advisors, interventions related to payments processed by the Pay Offices within 5 business days 95% 98.8% Table footnote * 95%
For departments receiving services from the Public Service Pay Centre, enquiries answered and transactions processed as per established standards 95% 89% 95%
The average cost per account to administer pay systems and associated processes for Government of Canada employees served by PWGSC remains under $115 NEW! N/A N/A $115

Answer Pay Centre calls within 180 seconds NEW!

N/A N/A 80%
Federal Pension Administration
Pension transactions and pension-related payments processed within established timeframes 95% 98.5% Table footnote * 95%
RCMPSA Pension transactions and pension-related payments processed within established timeframes 95% 98% Table footnote * N/A
(Replaced by other service standard(s))
Answer Public Service Superannuation Act calls within 180 seconds 80% 82% Table footnote * 80%
Answer Canadian Forces Superannuation Act calls within 180 seconds 80% 89.5% Table footnote * N/A
(Replaced by other service standard(s))
Answer Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act calls within 180 seconds 80% 87% Table footnote * N/A
(Replaced by other service standard(s))
The average Government of Canada cost per account to administer PSSA pension remains under $174 NEW! N/A N/A $174
Receiver General Services
Process all federal payments daily as per established schedules 99.99% 99.99% Table footnote * 99.99%
Reconcile monies received by the Receiver General of Canada within 2 business days 95% 100% Table footnote * N/A
(Replaced by other service standard(s))
Process Receiver General cheque status enquiries within 24 hours 99.9% 100% Table footnote * 99.9%
Process requests for a copy of a paid Receiver General cheque from the previous 6 years within 2 business days 98% 100% Table footnote * 98%
The Receiver General average unit cost per payment remains under $ 0.33  NEW!   N/A   N/A $0.33
Answer Receiver General calls (re-cheque reconciliation) within 180 seconds  NEW!   N/A   N/A 80%
Table footnote *

Return to table note * referrer

Indicates that the target was met or surpassed.

We take our commitments on service standards very seriously. If you have any concerns related to our service standards or have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, feel free to contact us at

F. Addressing shortcomings and client issues to increase satisfaction

Check out how we go the extra mile and ensure open communication with our clients.


In response to concerns raised by CRA about the poor quality of imaged copies of cheques, PWGSC took action. Realizing that its method of faxing copies of cheques resulted in very poor quality, PWGSC started sharing copies via encrypted email instead. Departmental clients have confirmed the new method is both faster and provides much clearer images.

Example 2: Delivering Service Excellence in a context of growth!

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency transferred their pay accounts to the newly formed Miramichi Pay Centre in October 2013.  In the past year, the Pay Centre faced challenges as the volume of work generated by these clients was higher than expected.  In addition, the clients were trying to adapt to a new service delivery model where roles and responsibilities were not always understood. The combination of both these factors resulted in clients complaining about the service being provided in a timely fashion.  In order to address the issues, PWGSC took the following actions:

  • Education and communication: A close working relationship was established between the clients and the Pay Centre to continuously discuss issues and address them in a timely manner.
  • Workload Management: The Pay Centre also found ways to re-allocate its resources to accommodate the volume of work and ensure timely delivery of services. 
  • Continued Training: Newly trained pay advisors continued to gain experience and build on their base of skills through training and development and became more efficient in managing workload. 
  • Positive outcome: The workload is kept current, and with constant communication, clients have a better understanding of the way pay processing services are being delivered. The number of complaints from the clients is now minimal, and we continue to do everything possible to even further increase client satisfaction.


The Government of Canada Pension Centre is attentive to the needs of our clients, closely monitoring their feedback whether positive or negative. The nature of the comments is reviewed for innovative ways to improve the overall experience of our clients. The following are a few examples of improvements that have recently been incorporated:

  • Following feedback from clients regarding transfer value benefits, it became evident that clients would benefit from being provided with a more detailed explanation and a quick reference guide on the process. To assist the client in making an informed decision, supplementary information has now been added to the retirement information package. In addition, the transfer value process has been streamlined, and clients are now provided with updates on the status of their request.
  • In order to improve the client experience, we have optimized our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony routing, ensuring that callers are directed to the appropriate agent. This minimizes transferred calls and decreases the overall time involved in service delivery.
  • As a matter of course, we encourage our clients to complete the “caller satisfaction survey” at the end of each call to inform us of their experience. This provides us with real-time comments, while the call is still fresh in the client's mind, as well as invaluable information about the performance of our staff and our processes.


This year, the annual Notice to Pensioners newsletter and the Direct Deposit Statement were combined into a single product: the new Annual Pensioners’ Statement. The new statement provides recipients with a complete overview of their pension in plain understandable language. Further, this new statement was provided to members based on their language of choice and was also made available online for the first time. Many clients appreciated the more typical size of the statement - as many complained previously about the “8x28” old version.

G. How satisfied are you?

  • 83% of our clients were satisfied with the overall quality of Pay Office services. (Source: Compensation Services Client Feedback Survey 2013-2014)
  • 79% of our clients were satisfied with the overall quality of Pension Centre services. (Source: Public Service Pension Services Automated Telephone Survey 2013-2014)

H. To learn more about our payments and pensions services

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