Port Granby long term waste management facility addendum

Addendum to final report, November 5, 2015

Addendum to fairness monitor final report dated September 15, 2015, concerning the Port Granby long term waste management facility

This addendum to the fairness monitor final report covers the period following the conclusion of the evaluation phase through the debriefings of bidders.

On July 31, 2015 draft regret letters were provided to us informing bidders of the results of the procurement process. On August 2, 13 and 17, 2015 we provided fairness related comments on draft versions of the regret letters. Appropriate action was taken by project officials to address these comments. On August 17, 2015 we reviewed the regret letters to the unsuccessful bidders and a letter to the successful bidder and no fairness deficiencies were identified. The regret letters sent to the unsuccessful bidders provided information on any mandatory requirements which the bidder had failed, the overall technical points achieved as well as the points achieved on each major section of the rated evaluation criteria. In addition the regret letters noted that “The fairness monitor has raised an issue of fairness, openness and transparency which will be described in full in the fairness monitor report.”

On September 14, 2015 we observed face-to-face debriefings of two bidders and on September 28, 2015 we observed face-to-face debriefings of two other bidders and a teleconference debriefing of one bidder. No fairness deficiencies were identified. One bidder did not request a debriefing.

Fairness monitor attestation of assurance

It is the opinion of the fairness monitor that the post evaluation activities, including the debriefings, were carried out in a fair manner. In this context, fairness is defined as decisions made objectively, free from personal favouritism and political influence, and encompasses the elements of openness, competitiveness, transparency and compliance.

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Roger Bridges
Knowles Consultancy Services Inc.
FM Contractor’s Representative

Original signed by

Peter Woods
FM Team Leader

Original signed by

Bruce Maynard P. Eng.
FM Specialist

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