Security, Corporate and Information Services Video

Thank you for your interest in our services. Our goal is to provide government with greater knowledge, efficiencies, savings and solutions. We look forward to working with you.

Transcript for PWGSC Security, Corporate and Information Services Video

Start of video. Guitar rock music begins.

PWGSC (An outline of Ottawa’s parliament skyline appears.)

One department (The words One Department appear and fade in a lime green circle.)

Over 10,000 experts (“10,000 Experts” appear on the screen. Dozens of lime green balls explode.)

5 Service Areas (The words 5 Service Areas appears on screen. One lime green ball appears and bounces to an outline of a door.  The ball bounces onto the door and turns into a door knob, opening up the door.)

Security, Corporate and Information Services. (The same lime green ball bounces on a new screen from the left side to the right as the words Security, Corporate and Information Services appear.)

  • Working closely with you to green government operations. (The words Greening Government appears and a tree grows from the word as birds fly by.)
  • Document Imaging: an easy and secure solution to save you time, money and trees. (An image of a gray filling cabinet appears. It transforms into a computer).
  • IT systems and services to support your financial and human resources needs. (An icon of a client service assistant with headphones and a computer appears on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, a dollar sign icon appears at the top right hand corner, followed by an icon representing three people.)

Visit us at PWGSC Services (The image of the PWGSC Services webpage appears with the words “Visit Us” and an image of a web search box. Inside the search box the words “PWGSC Services” is quickly typed in).

Let us show you what we do best. (One at a time the following words rotate horizontally, Buying and Selling, Payments and Pensions, Property and Buildings, Security, Corporate and Information Services, and Translation, Interpretation, and Other Linguistic Services.)

Guitar rock music ends.

PWGSC corporate signature appears on a white screen.

Canada word mark appears on a black screen.

End of video.